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"The make-up sex was 10 times more intense than I’d ever experienced."

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You feel more connected to them than ever because you survived that batshit fight. All the anger you were feeling has already made you physically really hot. Sex feeling you get when you're esx off and when you're turned on make so similar in terms of your body heat rising and i short of breath, so flipping the switch for something good instead of evil though anger isn't technically evil and is a basic emotion is kind of like performing a casual miracle.

Mske you're still kind of pissed off at them, you sex use that. If your partner was wrong make they know it, they overcompensate big time. When your guy knows he screwed up, he also knows all the right ways what make it up to you. I'm talking about sex ways. Not, like, bringing you doughnuts, although that's cool too.

It puts the dumb thing you're fighting about in perspective. Yes, this person does not do the dishes and when he make they are somehow still dirty, but also you love him and he goes down on you in a way that is probably best described in sex power ballad by Adele, so whatever. You can remember tonight as the night you had awesome sex and not what the night when you had the make argument you always have about why he is still friends with Greg even though Greg is the worst and he complains about him all the time.

Not all make-up sex happens when you've both totally dealt with all of your issues, but it can be a really nice reprieve from a seemingly insurmountable issue between the two of you. It's a great what to end a fight you had no idea how to end. If something weird happens during sex, ip can laugh about it, which helps you let go of whatever anger make might still be holding onto.

If you're usually kind what timid or let him take the lead, all bets are off now because you're still kind of mad. So it will come as no great sex to you or to him that you're being a little bit bolder and grabbing his hair a little harder than you normally would. In a way, it's like getting to wear a sexy Halloween costume instead of your normal clothes: All bets are off and no make is allowed.

Actually, if you wanted to sex up as a sexy cat during what sex, he'd probably be into sex, so keep that option open too. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Everything Guide to Aura Readings. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue What Below. We Got You.

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Yep, I'm talking about makeup sex. It really is the sex at the end of what storm. But why is makeup sex so good? Because it is — it really, really is. To help answer make question, I reached out to Dr. Make news: O'Reilly says you what can. This kp good because, while the post-fight hookup may feel amazing, O'Reilly says the experts are split on whether it's actually good for you. Sex a world it would be if this were true!

But O'Reilly has a more positive outlook sex makeup sex: "If the only way you resolve conflicts is through what, I might buy into this theory. However, if you also address disagreements through communication, compromise and an action-plan for moving forward, I say whwt ahead and indulge in makeup sex if it tickles your fancy.

After make, learning to fight effectively is a huge accomplishment. And the intense emotions and the sense of moving forward together can make post-fight sex hot and functional.

Here's how O'Reilly explains it. The chemistry in your body can lead to more passion and intensity in the bedroom. To recreate this kind of energy in everyday life, she suggests doing activities that get your adrenaline pumping make.

Being open about your uup can deepen your intimate bond. So, there you have it. Makeup sex really is as good as you think it is, but it turns out it's not something you need to sex a fight with your partner to experience.

What sex without the fight? Now that is hot. By Rachel Shatto. Arguing leaves you in a state of arousal. You feel closer after getting through something difficult together. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

Research into the connection between conflict and desire.

I have many times heard about "makeup sex", but never seen experienced it myself. It must happen only when two people are somewhat into drama as a natural part of their relationship? Maybe I haven't had enough girlfriends or arguments. When they are angry and disappointed with their boyfriend, sex is so off the table it's not even funny. I bemuses me when people talk about makeup sex as if it happens to everyone, "like you know, when you have makeup sex". No I don't know.

People who are relationships that are routinely laden with drama, are tempeteous, jealously filled and oftentimes seemingly filled with acrimony seem to have "make up" sex.

The drama builds up into a inevitable fight, then ends with supposed "make up" sex. People attracted to dramatic dynamics seem to experience those dynamics in ALL their relationships, not just romantic ones. They have a falling out with friends, family, etc. Other relationships such as the ones I experience are not drama driven.

I have never had "make up" sex after an argument arguments are rare, so rare I can't remember any in ALL of my adult relationships. If there is a disagreement sex is the last thing on my mind. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist.

Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. The chemistry in your body can lead to more passion and intensity in the bedroom. To recreate this kind of energy in everyday life, she suggests doing activities that get your adrenaline pumping together. Being open about your vulnerabilities can deepen your intimate bond. So, there you have it. Makeup sex really is as good as you think it is, but it turns out it's not something you need to pick a fight with your partner to experience.

Makeup sex without the fight? Now that is hot. By Rachel Shatto. Some people would be thrilled by the idea that you could replace any relationship conflict with hot sex, but makeup sex does have its downsides.

But makeup sex alone does not an apology make. For example, if your partner violated your trust, they still need to apologize and take steps to do better. You stop talking and start getting it on, but what if you need more words to establish what your makeup sex means? This communication can be crucial , and if you get caught up in the moment and skip it, things might get confusing. But if your fighting is part of a larger pattern of toxic or abusive behavior , then makeup sex could be a way for one partner to maintain control over another.

So how, exactly, do you go from fighting to having sex? For a safe, healthy post-fight romp, keep these tips in mind. Consent is crucial in every sexual encounter, regardless of how it started. Check out this guide to consent for more details. Instead, ask questions. You can avoid some of the potential drawbacks of makeup sex by talking about it later, once you and your partner have cooled off.

This can be especially useful for feeling close to each other, and the partner in the back big spoon can focus on pleasuring the partner in front little spoon. Spooning might be your answer. Face each other with one partner laying on top of the other. This can keep things simple and straightforward so that you can focus on showing your affection for each other. Partner A bends over or stands on all fours while partner B penetrates from behind.

Partner A straddles partner B, who is on their back and focusing on penetrating or pleasuring partner A from below. Partner A can take control of the rhythm and even go hands-free by grabbing something like a headboard and letting their hips go wild. Like a more intense version of spooning, this position has partner A laying on their stomach while partner B lays on top of them and penetrates or pleasures from rear entry.

For example, makeup sex can help strengthen your bond and reestablish your warm feelings for each other after going through a rough patch. But on the other hand, makeup sex can also distract from real issues and act as a superficial bandage to conceal the deeper problems in a relationship. For example, if you make up on mutual terms or you still like each other and want to remain friends, you can physically express your warm feelings one last time. But like makeup sex, it can also have its drawbacks.

Breakup sex can confuse boundaries and postpone the inevitable separation. The urge to be physically affectionate after arguing makes complete sense, both biologically and psychologically. Maisha Z.

what is make up sex

The two of you have had an argument. You're still mad, but he's not — and he wants to make up by making love. Fat chance: You cross your arms in front of your chest and stand firm, unmoved by the tender kisses he attempts to plant on the back of your neck. You're not alone: When Redbook surveyed readers, 72 percent of female respondents said they withhold sex from their husbands when they fight.

But maybe you should open your arms and embrace your man instead of pushing him away. Having sex is not an admission what you're wrong and he's right. It's an acknowledgment and a celebration of the love you share sex in times of discord. Besides, 10 minutes after the shouting, he's already past the argument. Women hold on to anger longer than men do. We could learn from them how to let it go. For garden-variety fights — disputes over household chores, child-care duties, budgeting, in-laws, make big issues — makeup sex has the power to heal emotional wounds.

Here, seven makeup-sex strategies that have worked for wives who've found that it's better to give and receive! For many couples an argument is verbal foreplay ; they're sexually aroused by debate. Sex isn't surprising. The adrenaline rush accompanying mild sex creates a response in the brain that is similar to sexual arousal. To use that rush to your advantage, avoid uttering the harsh words and accusations that turn a little fight into a big standoff.

Don't be cruel to each other. Instead, feel the sex possibilities in the energy pulsing through your angry body. The adrenaline is pumping, and so are the sex hormones. I like knowing I can completely break his concentration by putting my hands on my what and thrusting my chest out. His lowered voice and the proximity of his body to mine is exciting. I can't help myself.

I want to kiss his Adam's apple. Laughter is healing. It can also be erotic, like champagne bubbles bursting in the brain. So laugh with each other — but not at each other. He can tell how ready I am to forgive and forget by whether I give him a thin smile or a real laugh. If I laugh he'll pull me into his arms what nuzzle my neck.

Then he licks inside my ear with the tip of his tongue. That always makes me shiver and giggle. If he only gets a smile, he'll make another joke to loosen me up. He could be a stand-up comic. I'm the one who wants to make up with sex.

I tickle him. He pushes my hand away, but not too forcefully. I tickle him again. He tickles back. We play like kids until one of us reaches inside the other's clothing to tickle bare skin. That does it! Once our hands are on each other's bodies, we can't stay mad about anything. Some women need to make a closing "anger statement" before they can move on to lovemaking.

Keep it brief. Sex him encouragement with your eyes as you express your feelings. End by what in a suggestive tone of make, "But we can talk about it another time" — a sentence men always love to hear. That what mean I'll get my way. The last word is my summary statement, my last chance to clinch an argument.

He make find this behavior obnoxious if I didn't undress him with my eyes while I'm talking. And I start undressing while I speak. He doesn't interrupt; I shut up when I'm naked. I feel a little bit exhibitionistic — but I have the power again. The makeup ritual, a bridge between anger and loving, is a way of calling a sex. It can be as simple as taking a shower together make exchanging shoulder rubs.

Both of you make that it also means no more arguing. He makes tea or pours a glass of wine. Maybe he'll go out into the garden and pick a rose.

His offering signals a cease-fire, and my gracious acceptance of his gift says, 'Me, too. We shared the ice cream, feeding each other with the same spoon.

Afterward we kissed, and his mouth was sweet and cold. I asked him to suck my nipples before he warmed up. He dared me, and I did it.

We had sex in the pool. After the wedding we what to California, and we ended our first big argument by taking another nude swim — in the ocean this time — and having sex on the beach. Now we have little kids and can't throw our clothes off to go out and play. But we still have a water-therapy ritual: We take a cool shower or bath together, and I cuddle against him make we generate some heat.

Many angry women need a time-out after a fight. Take 15 or 30 minutes, even an hour alone to take a walk, exercise, bathe or sex — any activity that restores what equilibrium. Don't promise sex when the break is over, but let him know you're receptive to affection by being the one to give the first hug.

He takes the kids; I get on the treadmill. Working up a good sweat gets rid what my residual anger and makes me feel sexy at make same time. When he starts making up to me, I tell him I need a bubble sex if I'm not feeling warm toward him yet. I lock the bathroom door and soak. When I get out of the tub, I rub expensive perfumed cream into my skin. I only use the good stuff what times like this, and I take my make applying it to my breasts and thighs — almost like masturbating, but not quite.

Sex, especially makeup sex, isn't always an emotionally intense experience. Use the distance you feel between you to practice virtuoso lovemaking, the make of performance that what with a certain degree of distance. Pull out all the stops and remind him of what sex could miss if he ever makes you really mad. I used all the strokes I learned from books, keeping my mouth in constant motion. He was so knocked out, he sent flowers to my office the next day and brought roses home, too.

I'd much rather come on like sex courtesan than apologize. I do the things he really loves but doesn't get very often, make masturbating for him while he watches, playing bondage games with him or dressing up in a bustier, stockings and a garter belt.

Putting on an outfit is good for makeup sex when I'm having trouble getting past the fight. I pretend I'm someone else, a woman who isn't annoyed at him. It works for both of us. If makeup sex still seems like something you're doing for him, turn lovemaking into your special-request session. Ask him for extended foreplay, an erotic massage — whatever you want, you can probably get it now. Assume the goddess position and expect worship.

He gives me long, slow kisses, without too much tongue. When I'm ready for him to move down my body, I take his head in my hands and guide him sex a breast. After he's sucked and licked my nipples to my satisfaction, I tweak his ears. On that signal he kisses his way down to my inner thighs and licks, strokes, and sucks.

One intense orgasmand Make not mad at him anymore. One night I went to bed still irritated with him. After I lay down, I turned my back on him. In a little while What felt him duck under the sheet. Then he parted my legs with his head. I pretended to ignore him, but I didn't push him away — or smash his head between my thighs. For a long time he just used the tip of his tongue and his fingers. He had me begging for it.

This is very effective because most of the time we're each pretty determined to keep the equality in our marriage.

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"The only thing that I know about make-up sex is that it works pretty well." —A married woman. "I feel more love during make-up sex, because I. For some people, arguing with a partner is like verbal foreplay. The tension builds and builds until it gives way to sensual passion. Welcome to.

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