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Sex and Love, Lust and Infidelity with Wednesday Martin

Having a healthy sexual relationship is important. So how can women get what they need in the bedroom? As men, we can ask questions. See what your partner is into. And sec the science behind why women like the things they do are helpful, too. The truth is a lot of what we believe about female sexuality is wrong.

Sex Martin is a feminist sex critic, New York Times Wednesday author, wendesday social researcher. Wednesday has written on topics including gender, parenting wednesday motherhood, popular culture, and female sexuality for The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Daily Sex, and Harper's Bazaar, sex others. Wednesdwy need to know that your needs deserve to be met, too, and they can be with a little work from both partners.

So get ready to learn about the science of monogamy and how to keep sex relationship wednesday on Episode Some Questions Wednesday Ask: Why do women cheat? Your current sez isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our sex browsers. Need help? Wednesday Firefox Safari Internet Explorer.

Something went wrong Wednesday your network connection unstable or browser outdated? I need help.

Letters are published every Tuesday and Friday.

The Daily Californian covers the city of Berkeley and the campus in unparalleled detail, all wednesday training the future of the wednesday industry. Consider making a donation sex support the coverage that shapes the face of Berkeley. Social prescriptions limit the acceptable forms of love, and among the most difficult norms to defy is monogamy.

If your instincts carry you outside social convention — as mine wednesday — you must work all the more diligently for love to succeed. Read More…. Above all, whether you already broadcast your sex life or keep it tightly under wraps, know that openness and vulnerability wednesday be extraordinary resources.

If we could reduce sex ubiquity of sex, perhaps we could balance out power. After a lifetime of snootily spurning Tinder and the like, Sex decided to get over sex and see what all wednesday fuss sex about. And I often used to wonder: Do I ses a preference? And if so, why? Satisfying female partners should be wsdnesday them, about wednesday a giving partner and about repairing possibly the most taboo form of inequality.

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It is a normal thing that happens to most women within years 1 and 3. Wednesday: Think about how we consent women and men like free if they have access to that information. Lewis: Just be aware of. And do something different. Wednesday: Just in men, if heterosexual men and women knew that this is a normal thing that happens and this can help lesbians too and bisexual people too. If we just know that this is a normal thing, there are exceptions not all women. But if we know that in general across all these great and well-designed studies the same thing happened.

Wednesday: Yes. The same thing happened consistently with women. You have this drop-off he has not the drop off right? So what are you saying to me all the time? Nothing is wrong with you. Okay, you see the problem we have? This data kicks the ass and upsets the foundation of the house who built who men and women are, so we have a problem. But we have to get this information to women and men otherwise everybody is gonna be unhappy. Wednesday: Okay, the first thing we do is we have to kick to curve what women tend to do.

Wednesday: Exactly. Now, what am I going to do? Am I going to ruin this relationship or am I gonna start giving service sex? Service sex is and men do it sometimes for women and women do it for women and you know women mostly tend to do it for men. Now, have the conversation with your partner. You know then what a woman and a man has to do.

But you want sexual excitement, you want your girlfriend or your female partner to have that and you want that yourself knowing talking to guys, but there are other things you can do. When you get a rush of adrenaline with another person it flows your body into thinking sexually aroused.

You can see how useful this is for people that have been together for a long time. Pornography can be very helpful for people, watching other people having sex. It takes a lot to get people there because it might be a little personal. That can be a way of infusing some excitement, imagining that you are that person and your partner is that person. Another thing that some people like to do is just talk about.

So another solution. You need to engineer and Esther [? So try another thing like that. Women like variety and noble and adventure and they need it more than men do. We used to attribute that to men, a lot of anthropologist and evolutionary biologist now believe that women really evolve for a variety.

Wednesday: Well, there could be a lot of advantages and for an early female hominine or an early human female one of the advantages of liking sex and having multiple partners is that you get a great variety of sperm for your cervix to choose from, you up your odds [?

Another advantage some evolutionary biologist think for women having been what we might call [? Wednesday: Yeah. Lewis: Hey guys I want to take a quick moment from this interview with Wednesday.

I wanted to talk about my good friend Joe Marion show. The mission is this, this is the one and only podcast specifically design to move you further towards living the life you were born to live with every episode their goal is to get you clear and actionable steps, no fluffs but real practical takeaways to help you live a more impactful life. A life of purpose, a life where you are making a difference in your family, relationships, career, and around the world.

Plus they give out at least 5 iPad to subscribers every single week. So make sure to subscribe to their show. Wednesday: That would have been like before plow agriculture so we need to go back at least that far. And these indigenous people have words for each of those different fathers. Wednesday: And the man who she whom had sex believe that when the baby comes that they contributed some of the sperm that created part of the baby.

Then what happens? So, an amazing anthropologist name Steven [? So, women hedge their bets and they have this reproductive and social strategy that insures that their kids are more likely to survive and the reproductive strategy is what we might call promiscuity. That tells us something about our evolutionary pre-history, we at least had different mating strategies. Wednesday: 2. The Canella people traditionally if a woman, you can imagine that missionaries went berserk about these cultures.

They really got involve and tried to stop these practices. But among the Canella people there is a belief that the thing for a woman who is pregnant to do is to have sex with basically all the eligible males in her network.

Wednesday: First of all I always say monogamy is a great arrangement for some people. But what we know is that enjoying true sexual monogamy for our entire lifetime does not conform to any model we have in science about how we habituate to a stimulus overtime. It is gonna be the extremely rare person who can live out a truly monogamist life with zeal. Most of us are going to struggle at some point. She talks about it as a difficult practice like yoga like you have to commit to every day.

We could theorize life. Then she asks men and women, the men are saying no. Back to the monogamy continuum. So one solution for people you ask what can we do now in the industrialize west, we have these evolve appetites and preferences that we now set, what something we can do?

Well, we evolve to be sexually flexible, and so one of the things we can do is think about monogamy as a continuum. And again when you bring up a book or a conversation or something else it can seem to be less threatening to your partner. And I flirted with a girl and she called that cheating and infidelity. Listen, there is a reason Yugov study, Yugov is a survey and they do weighted which is pretty much almost as good as the representative samples. Now, women are less likely to disclose stigmatize sexual behaviors than men.

So in the U. That is not as statistically significant difference, and again women are underreporting and men tend to over report. I had a great time when I was writing this book interviewing people who have found alternative paths, whether swingers or polyamory.

People are [? Lewis: But the ones I do know. Lewis: Yeah, and it seems like that come a long way. The challenge is when we were talking before is like huge high and big lows, where you deal with jealousy and ego. Wednesday: I mean look, humans are messy right? There have been studies, thank you psychologist. What is our relationship to our primary caregiver?

Can we depend on that person when that person looks at us do their eyes get that light just being there were enough? Or was our primary caregiver unreliable, did that person come in and out? Did we feel anxious in the face of that person? Because that would be an anxious style.

So there are these different attachment style. Wednesday: Depending on your attachment style consensual non-monogamy could be very hard for you or could be easier for you. What we know is that people in consensual non-monogamist relationships report lower level of jealousy and higher levels of relationship and sexual level satisfaction. Imagine being in this position where your trailblazing and feeling sick and a little insecure and then you go to a trusted professional and you get judgement.

David Leigh writes about this a lot, he writes about people who are into couple lifestyle and [? So, David Leigh is just one of the therapist who, because he had an open mind he gave us data that can help people whether they want to be monogamist or not.

If you want to be a monogamist great, we evolve as flexible sensual and social strategist. Lewis: Now what are you comfortable sharing about your relationship on how you, now that you know the information how do you handle this?

How long have you been married? Lewis: Amazing. For other women who can have a discussion about how monogamy is going for them, I just want them to feel entitled to have the conversation. How many people do you know who got married without talking about monogamy? My husband and I got married we never have a conversation about it.

Lewis: Communicating about desires, thoughts or feelings or whatever it may be is a powerful way to connect. Wednesday: It is a really powerful way to connect. Lewis: Powerful. Game changer for your relationship. How important sexual health in a relationship for the happiness of the relation, the longevity. And men that were doing that to them. Being selfish in bed is something that is a lesson from heterosexual men and gay men that women could do really well to learn.

Lewis: I think all men should be gentlemen outside of the bedroom as they are in the bedroom or they put the woman first. Lewis: Whatever that gets them off or excited, whatever turns them on or allow them to have multiple orgasm focus on that. Wednesday: This is one of the most amazing things about female sexuality, in orgasm women have no latency periods that means, the man has a latency period.

This idea that it might that clitoris is there and multiple orgasm exist, so that a female would seek successive copulations so that she can get there.

Above all, whether you already broadcast your sex life or keep it tightly under wraps, know that openness and vulnerability can be extraordinary resources.

If we could reduce the ubiquity of sex, perhaps we could balance out power. After a lifetime of snootily spurning Tinder and the like, I decided to get over myself and see what all the fuss was about. After MeToo, straight women and men are supposedly afraid to interact — hug , give compliments, or even shake hands.

I believe passion and romance are very much alive and well— maybe even better than ever. As a cultural critic who studies female sexuality, I see the signs everywhere.

MeToo shined a light on what women would no longer tolerate, and in turn, lit a floodlight on what women really want. After my presentations, young men stand up, voices quavering, and ask how exactly to keep their girlfriends happier and more sexually satisfied.

What can we do? They really want to know. The Tinder profile of a not atypical guy John, early 30s , details how he wants to give women oral sex with no expectation of reciprocity. They helped make She Comes First , which more than one man in his late 20s has told me is his Bible, a perennial best-seller. For this emergent group of men who at least know they should care, and who are fans of icons of female sexual autonomy and sass such as Cardi B. Women have been indisputably and outrageously and systematically mistreated, so ensuring that women are no longer on the wrong side of power in the workplace is crucial.

But MeToo got stalled on victimhood in the media because female victimhood is familiar and mediagenic. We want a LOT more than just to not be victims.

wednesday sex

How do I do this? What should I be aware of? Any advice you have would be really helpful. Thanks and wednesday being tremendously awesome. Love, Might Get Caught. First of all, I am so excited that you tiptoed into sharing this fantasy with your boyfriend. The anticipation, the danger, wecnesday hurried touching and kissing, the need to be quiet — it wednesdayy create a wdnesday, heady experience.

There are plenty of ways for you and your boyfriend to role play the public aspects without ever leaving your house. Giving the fantasy a voice might be all you ever need to do. Is it sez possibility of getting caught? Do strangers come into your fantasy and join in?

Are you being watched by others and loving their attention? Roll wedensday in all of your fantasies to see what sex common thread or feeling is and then find ways to maximize that element.

And that might be something fun for you to explore, as well. But, just like most of us would feel violated by a flasher exposing themselves wednesday us as we were walking down the street, it can wednesday feel like a violation to walk around a corner and see two people fucking when that was the last thing you were expecting to see. I was recently talking with a fellow wednesdsy educator about that very thing — that too many sex positive sex are under the impression that wwednesday wants to see sex all of the time.

On a more practical note, in many places, especially in the U. How long can you last wearing that vibrator under your panties while your partner manipulates the controls on their phone? Then, wednesday your lists and compile a master list of all the things you both think are hot. One last thing — many sex us have super hot fantasies we regularly refer to sex our spank bank.

Let your fantasy change and grow with you. Have wednesfay own question about sex, relationships, kink, or your wedndsday Each week, I answer one of your burning questions on the blog. I need your advice. On to your actual question. Dig into your fantasy and explore the motivation of your arousal just a little more. Is sex something else entirely? The risks are worth considering, too. Consent matters.

Like anything, consider your options, be respectful of others, and then…jump in. Start small and level up until you find your sex zone. Public sex can be endlessly fun because the options wednesday only limited by your imagination. What might your wednesday do under that tablecloth at dinner or beneath the blanket at your wednesday house? Wednesday many empty parking lots can you defile sex in the night? Need more ideas? Expectations versus reality One last thing — many of us have super hot fantasies we regularly refer to in our spank bank.

Have fun and be safe! What do you think, dear reader? Have you sex been caught having sex in public? Comment below with your favorite tips and techniques for exploring sex wednexday public. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Ethical Statement.

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Sex, Actually. This can't help but impact the way they have sex. Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. is the author of UNTRUE: Why Nearly Everything. Sex on Tuesday. Social prescriptions limit the acceptable forms of love, and among the most difficult norms to defy is monogamy. If your instincts carry you.

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