Sex and Sexuality

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1. Conceptual Issues

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2. Normative Issues

Sex has received little attention in the history of western philosophy, and what it did receive was not good: Plato denigrated it, arguing that it should lead to something higher or better PhaedrusSymposiumAristotle barely mentioned it, and Christian philosophers condemned sed Augustine argued that its pleasures are dangerous in mastering us, and allowed sex only for procreation City of Godbk 14; On Marriage and Concupiscencewhile Aquinas confined its permissibility to conjugal, procreative acts Summa contra gentiles III.

III, ch. The Marquis de Sade a philosopher of sorts went to the opposite extreme, celebrating all types of sexual acts, including rape ; ; Only during contemporary times do philosophers, beginning with Bertrand Russell and including Sigmund Freudthink of sex as generally good see Soble b and ch.

Sex raises fascinating issues. Rooted in our biology, pervaded by our intentionality, and normally directed at other human beings, sexual desire is complex and not confined to specific mating seasons.

Its pleasures are powerful and have ruined many lives. Men and women seem to exhibit, desire, and experience sex differently e. II; Margolisesp. Why this is so, is debatable Soble ch. Four broad lines of thought are prominent regarding sexual desire: 1 whether it is merely a biological drive or an intentional mental state; 2 how it should be defined; 3 whether it is benign or malignant; and 4 whether it admits of perverted forms.

I discuss 4 in the third section. Definitions of sexual desire in terms of sexual pleasure seem to understand sexual desire ses basically an appetite. The second definition avoids the conceptual involvement of another person, understanding sexual desire instead as desire for sexual pleasures, period. These views have in common the idea that sexual desire is desire for brute bodily pleasures, possibly implying that sexual desire is merely a biological appetite.

If so, they face the objection that they mischaracterize the nature of sexual desire, which should instead be understood as intentional through and through Morgan b. So whenever X sexually desires someone or something, X ssde so under a description: Zex desires Y because something about Y appeals to X. On the intentional view, sexual desire is no mere appetite but thoroughly infused with meaning.

On another version, sexual desire should be directed to love Scruton ; cf. Sx ch. Both these variations might sx doubts, sadr, because they layer a normative view of sexual desire, dictating its aim e. Other such views burden sexual sex with too much inter-personality Russon Is the pleasure view of sexual desire committed to understanding sexual desire as mere appetite? Perhaps not. The intentional view is plausible in that sexual desire can be quite complex and that its complexity is not captured well or at all by the pleasure view, given that human mentality infuses our most basic sez and appetites.

But whether the intentional view is at sade with the pleasure view depends on our goals. Given that definitions are not usually meant to convey the complexity of what they define, we should not expect a definition of sexual desire to be a full-blown theory sexual desire, while agreeing that it is a complex phenomenon.

This does not mean that the pleasure view of sexual desire is correct, only that its aim or strategy need not be misguided. Indeed, depending on how it is stated it might be wrong.

For example, if the pleasure view conceptually ties sexual desire to sexual pleasure obtained through the touch of another personit would be dualistic and might implausibly render many sexual desires as nonsexual, such as some masturbatory desires, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Even a non-dualistic pleasure view might face difficulties stemming from understanding desire in terms of what it seeks sexual pleasure. But there might be additional problems.

First, not all sexual desires are for sexual pleasure: a couple might have sex to have a baby, even though the act is pleasurable Sex 33; see also Second, our sexual partners would in principle be dispensable if there are other ways to attain the pleasure.

This objection is not moral—that we use our sexual partners as mere instruments—but ontological: sexual pleasure cannot be the only or common goal to all sexual desires otherwise the agent would be indifferent between the available ways of attaining sexual pleasure.

Since this is not true, sexual desire is not solely for sexual pleasure Jacobsen Shaffer Because this state is enjoyable, we often induce it in ourselves: we think about sex in order to be sexually aroused Jacobsen 34— Jacobsen This allows the feature-based view to avoid being confined to the false binary of my desire for someone being either sexual or not, a problem that the object-based approach might face. The objections to the object-based views merit scrutiny. First, even if the goal of sexual desire is sexual pleasure, unless we assume that sexual sade is uniform across different contexts an assumption with which the feature-based view saddles the object-based oneone might not be indifferent to how the pleasure is produced.

Second, although the couple in the example want to have sex from procreative motives, this might not show that their sexual desire if it exists in this case is not for pleasure.

People can have sex from nonsexual motives most prostitutesbut once we postulate the motive of sexual desire, the motive of pleasure is present. This independence lends support to pessimist views of sexual desire.

Although pessimism and optimism have moral implications — some of which are addressed below — they are based in the nature of sexual desire. Pessimism considers sexual desire morally dangerous and threatening to our rationality including Christian philosophers such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, Plato, Kant, and Schopenhauer [ ch.

Pessimism is opposed by optimism, sex views sexual desire as generally benign and as bringing people together it commands a large majority of the philosophers of sex, including Bertrand Russell passim ; Irving Singer passim ; and Martha Nussbaum, sade it recognizes that it can be morally problematic Morgan a.

The issue, then, between the pessimists and the optimists concerns not whether sexual desire can be morally problematic, but whether it is so by its nature Soble, with Halwani 5—8. Sexual pessimism can be deep.

Sexual desire aims to capture a person in their entirety through their body. A phenomenology of sexual desire seems to support the above views, according to which in sexually desiring YX is attracted to the bodily, physical attributes of Y.

Sexual optimism claims that although sexual desire can be morally dangerous, it need not be and is usually not. They agree that its focus is on the body but do not see this as a problem.

Sex intimately and pleasurably brings two or more sade together. It is sqde force for good, sare trust and strengthening human bonds. Unlike appetites. Singer ; see also Goldman —; Russell [ passim ]. This is especially so when closely related concepts e. In ordinary language use, and according to some sex, people distinguish between having sex and sexual activity; they count many activities as sexual but not as having sex, such as solo masturbation, cyber-sex, and even oral sex Soble a: 15— Solo masturbation swde as sexual activity and as a sexual saxe, but not as having sex.

One criterion is reproduction: for an activity to be sexual it has to be or aim at being reproductive. This faces obvious counter-examples, such as same-sex sexual activities and heterosexual oral and anal sex Soble a: 18— Another criterion is bodily contact: sexual activities are those that involve contact with sexual body parts though we need to figure out what these are.

But the production of sexual pleasure is not necessary because many acts do not produce such pleasure; and this criterion conceptually rules out non-pleasurable sex Soble a: 21— It might also not be sufficient: a man might see someone on the street and feel a twinge of sexual pleasure Soble Another criterion is intention, though we need to figure out what the intention is for.

But this is not necessary: two people who have sexual intercourse to procreate engage in a sexual act. The experience, if any, of sexual pleasure is a by-product of the action Soble This criterion is also not sufficient. Goldman But it faces counter-examples.

A prostitute performing fellatio on a man does it typically not to satisfy or fulfill her sexual desire, but to make money. Nor does the zade tend to fulfill her desire, for she might have none to be fulfilled.

Thus satisfying sexual desire is not necessary for an activity to be sexual. Taking a cold shower, a powerful sleeping pill, ssx even just focusing sade something else might get rid of the sexual desire, yet these activities are not sexual. One crucial reason might be that what we commonly think is a sexual act does not depend on one criterion: behavior, intentions, contact with body parts, etc.

Another reason might be that there are many concepts closely related to each other that nonetheless commonly mean different things.

Thus, defining these concepts is tricky if we want the definitions sqde agree with common linguistic usage, or if we rely on such usage to formulate these definitions. More worrisome, if we need to define these concepts for help with practical, moral, and legal issues, the rift eade them and common language should give us pause.

We thus have four types of pleasure: pleasure-as-sensation, pleasure-as-enjoyment, pleasure-as-feeling, and pleasure-as-pro-attitude. All four concepts can be relevant sex sex, but it is the first two that are important, because each can sex a type of sexual pleasure, whereas sex third is typically consequent to sexual activity and the fourth is about sex.

Moreover, one or more parties to the act might experience pleasure-as-sensation, yet not enjoy the activity itself. One can experience the pleasurable sensations of sex and enjoy the act, yet feel repulsion later.

We can thus see how each pleasure has its opposite: one can feel painful sensations during a sexual act e. Although orgasm does not exhaust the pleasures of sex, there is something to the idea that the pleasure of orgasm is unique. As a sensation, it is unique in the way it feels and in its intensity, though this feeling might differ between men and women, especially since women seem to experience various types of orgasm Komisaruk et al.

Moreover, it contrasts with other sensation-pleasures in its physiological aspects and ability sade be produced through genital stimulation. Of course its frequency, significance, and meaning vary socially, culturally, and contextually Blair et al.

This feature sase orgasm might explain how sade can speak of sexual desire across times and cultures as a unified phenomenon, even though sexual desires and bodily sensations are socially and linguistically mediated. If the pleasure of orgasm sex unique, why do people usually prefer sex with someone else to masturbating, given that masturbating produces orgasms, often more intense than partnered sex? This shows that orgasm is not the only pleasure sought in sexual activity, not that its pleasure is not unique.

Touching, smelling, kissing, and licking, for example, are other goals of sexual desire Soble 85— We can even claim that people prefer the pleasure of orgasm through these other goals. Sexual activity can … be defined as activity that tends to fulfill sexual desire, while sexual desire is sufficiently defined as the desire for certain bodily pleasures, period.

Primoratz eade But which bodily pleasures? More generally, and accounting for sexual pleasures not located in the genitals, sexual pleasure. To distinguish a sexual from sez nonsexual kiss, we ask which of the two is associated with arousal, sec we understand the notion of arousal as essentially linked to the sexual body parts.

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But which bodily pleasures? More generally, and accounting for sexual pleasures not located in the genitals, sexual pleasure. To distinguish a sexual from a nonsexual kiss, we ask which of the two is associated with arousal, and we understand the notion of arousal as essentially linked to the sexual body parts.

Because the above view relies solely on sexual pleasure-as-sensation, it would have to understand the other two types ultimately in terms of pleasure-as-sensation.

That is, what makes sexual pleasure-as-enjoyment sexual is its connection to arousal. Although in nonsexual contexts we do not pursue activities because of their sensual pleasures, we pursue sex for sexual pleasure-as-sensation.

In most activities, the pleasure and the activity are intertwined—we do not watch a movie and then feel the pleasure. Instead, we enjoy the movie as we watch it. The pleasures here are pleasures-as-enjoyment.

Things are different with sex because of pleasure-as-sensation, specifically, orgasm. Sexual pleasure-as-enjoyment supervenes on sexual pleasure-as-sensation, and it often culminates in orgasm, a result that comes at the end of the activity though the orgasm as an end differs between men and women.

We can then see why some prominent philosophers have considered temperance and intemperance to be about bodily appetites satisfied especially through touch Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics a—b. Moreover, sexual pleasure seems to be the primary motive for sexual activity: although sexual activity has other goals Meston and Buss , few people would have sex just to exercise, to boost their self-image, or for revenge, and although many people would have sex just to procreate, procreation would plummet were sex to not be enjoyable.

It then seems that sexual pleasure provides a basic motive for sexual activity that underlies multiple other motives. Sexual pleasures-as-enjoyment and as-feeling might thus be parasitic on sexual pleasures-as-sensations. Which concept is prior? It is a basic preference, unlike, say, the preference for blondness or buttock size.

It is also an organizing preference: other sexual preferences are built upon it Stein ch. Given their variety, it is inevitable that some preferences are considered perverted e. Yet with others it is not so obvious, such as sexual preferences for members of particular races or ethnic groups. But it might also indicate an ethical fault if, say, racially ugly stereotypes inform it Halwani b; Zheng Returning to sexual orientation, its popular conception relies on dubious assumptions Corvino a; Dembroff The same question arises regarding the person with the orientation.

Finally, 7 it assumes the cross-temporal and cross-cultural existence of the three sexual orientations: there were gay men and gay women in 15 th century Russia just as there were in 21 st century North America, albeit with adjustment for cultural variances. Many men are attracted to people with female features from the waist up but male features from the waist down a penis. What is their orientation? Many men are also attracted to both young boys and women—this is true of many cultures around the world, past and present.

Are they all bisexuals? It is also possible that some men are attracted to young people, both girls and boys. Is there a sexual orientation, then, for young people? And zoophilia threatens to expand the number of sexual orientations with no limit: genuine zoophiles—people who have long-standing desires to have sex with nonhuman animals—will have as many sexual orientations as there are different types of animals to which they are attracted Wilkerson Under the poplar conception, if a formerly straight man is currently a woman after transitioning , they would now be a lesbian assuming that their sexual desires for women does not change.

Perhaps this would be politically and morally better Dembroff Then, whether we claim that X is gay or is straight, we face obstacles: if X gay, X would not be attracted to someone who appears as a woman. If X straight, X would not be attracted to someone who is anatomically male. The popular concept of orientation leaves such cases unclassified Corvino a; Wilkerson A straight woman is a woman, cis or trans, who is attracted to men cis or trans.

Thus, there is no room for people who are gender fluid or whose gender or sex identification exists outside the binary Dembroff Thus, the APA believes that a man would be straight were he to be emotionally even if neither romantically nor sexually attracted to a woman.

Yet it is possible that he is nonetheless sexually attracted to men, a result that leads to conceptual trouble. Perhaps keeping the conception of sexual orientation limited to sexual attraction so as to avoid such muddles is better though adding romantic attractions is plausible, given that they include a sexual dimension Dembroff Desires and fantasies are obvious candidates. But occurrent desires are not a good guide to sexual orientation: a shepherd can sexually desire sex with a sheep, but he need not be a zoophile, even were his desire for it to recur.

David—a straight guy—might desire oral sex from another man Tom or other men. Other information, such as counter-factual information as to what the person would do under such-and-such conditions e. But stating these conditions is tough.

What if David prefers the way that Tom performs oral sex? David might, under some conditions, still opt for Tom Corvino a; cf. Essentialists claim that homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals have existed in various times and cultures see Card ch.

Essentialism does not appear to be correct. It has difficulty accounting for the historical and cultural evidence: Were all the ancient Athenians who had sex with boys and women bisexuals? Possibly, but then why, in such social configurations, do we find a preponderance of bisexual men?

If they were not all bisexuals, what were they? Perhaps then such men had an altogether different sexual orientation. Related to this, essentialism has to be universally true for it to be true at all, for if it excludes some cultures and times, it concedes the truth of social constructionism. But if true of every single culture, it would be a very strong thesis, and the need for evidence becomes more urgent.

Perhaps, then, some version of social constructionism is true. The distinction between first person and third person attributions of identity helps us see this.

Third parties can make the same assertion about Amy in any of these ways. The second and third ways are interesting because they allow choice with respect to the identity, and disagreement about its assertion. Amy can choose to adopt, be indifferent to, or reject the identity of being gay, and she can choose to use it or not to make sense of herself. She might fail to identify with her homosexuality because it is not important to her, because she does not find gay cultural ways appealing, because she does not think highly of gays, because she is ashamed, because she is religious, etc.

And Marcia, a straight woman, might be wrong to assert her straight identity in a climate in which gay people are oppressed, much like a person might be wrong to assert his white identity in a racist society, also allowing for disagreements with her see Alcoff , esp.

I; Appiah ch. Levine ; Singer ch. Assuming these three are the only components of aesthetic experiences, sexual activity can provide an aesthetic experience to its participants. Practically good sex does not lead to bad results or has positive outcomes: a sense of rejuvenation, loss of calories, or a wanted pregnancy. We do not discuss aesthetic, practical, and legal considerations, though many issues that go under them are also moral e. A sex act can be good or bad depending on the amount and intensity of the pleasure or pain it provides Vannoy ch.

Imagine the sexual experience of a woman forced into marrying someone she finds undesirable, even revolting. Such negative emotions provide the crucial reason why consent is necessary. Sexual activity is either morally permissible or impermissible. We usually think of sexual activity as neither obligatory nor supererogatory, but as permissible in that genuine consent is sufficient. Yet there are interesting questions.

Each is compatible with the activity being merely for the sake of sexual pleasure not connected to love or other positive emotions , and each is done from a motive that is additional to, or in place of, that of sexual desire, and neither possibility subtracts from the goodness of the act. Actually, acting from sexual desire might diminish its goodness if sexual desire objectifies see below.

Thus, sexual activity can be morally evaluated as good beyond permissibility because of participant consent. The difficult question is whether there are sexual obligations outside such relationships. If having sex is a basic need, perhaps plausible cases involve a health caretaker alleviating the sexual needs of a patient. Even if not a duty, such actions might be classified as supererogatory Soble a: —54; see below.

These cases are plausible only if sexual needs are basic and if certain professionals have duties to meet them. But who is to fulfill these obligations? What would their fulfillment amount to is masturbating the beneficiary of the duty enough? Do the gender and sexual orientation of the parties matter? These are tough questions, but they have their parallels in nonsexual domains—Who has to fulfill the obligation to feed the starving? Is a plate of boiled rice enough or more sophisticated dishes are required?

But they might not be exactly parallel. Even if such sexual obligations do not exist, obligations to ourselves to develop or dampen certain sexual preferences might, assuming there are general moral obligations to ourselves.

Pedophiles, for example, might have an obligation to change their preferences, not merely to refrain from acting on them. These are more controversial, however, because it is not clear that such preferences are bad to begin with Halwani b; Zheng , and some might not be under our control as others are preference for skin color vs. There can easily be permissible, non-obligatory sexual actions intended to benefit the recipient. So everything hinges on the criterion of serious risk to the agent.

The inclusion of risk is controversial, because one can imagine non-obligatory actions that greatly benefit another without risk to the agent the examples of supererogation given in Heyd include both risk and non-risk cases.

But it is plausible to assume it because it explains why the agent, not only the act, is admirable, and see below without risk it is implausible to speak of supererogatory sexual acts. What are the risks to the agent in the case of sexual supererogation? Risk of pregnancy is one, risk of contracting serious or not so serious diseases is another.

But consider: X is attracted to and wants to have sex with Z , whom X meets in a bar. For some reason, having sex is a crucial need for Z , and X knows this. X nonetheless has sex with Z and enjoys it. This satisfies the conditions for a supererogatory act, but it is doubtful that X performs one. The presence of sexual desire and the prospect of sexual pleasure lower the degree of the supererogation, if not entirely nullifying it. This is not parallel to other cases of supererogation, in which no additional motive to wanting to help someone exists.

This might affect its supererogatory status. Thus, risk to the agent might not be sufficient; perhaps the agent must also lack the sexual desire for the action or find it undesirable.

The degree of supererogation increases in direct proportion to that of undesirability. As awful as it sounds, this fits with the type of cases that would come to mind in thinking of supererogation: sex with the least physically desirable. But there is room for subjectivity: a young gay man not attracted to other young men would find sex with them undesirable, so having sex with one out of kindness would be supererogatory in his case.

This is true at a general level because the same general moral features e. But it might be false at more specific levels: sexual violation of the body by a penis or an object makes the violation distinct. This has to do with how one experiences sexual bodily violations, thereby making sexual consent a crucial moral aspect of sexual relations Wertheimer — Moreover, if Kant is right, the objectifying nature of sexual desire makes it unique. Consent is crucial because a it transforms an otherwise wrong act into a permissible one though not necessarily to a good act ; b in heterosexual sex, men and women might importantly differ when it comes to sex; and c sexual violation is typically experienced as very harmful Wertheimer — Yet the sufficiency of consent can be questioned.

If, for example, sexual desire by nature objectifies, as the Kantian view has it, then the consent of the parties is insufficient—they consent to a wrong action see below. The theory of New Natural Law considers only marital sex—which it understands as referring to sex acts between married partners who do it from the specific motive of the good of marriage what this means, though, is unclear —is morally permissible even good.

New Natural Law is a version of any type of view that limits the morality of sexual acts to specific domains. In addition to marriage, love is another such domain. It requires only the presence of love. Other versions require only affection or a mutually respectful relationship Hampton ; Nussbaum On such views, consensual casual sex between two strangers is impermissible. But why must such factors be present for the permissibility of sex?

One prominent reason is that sex is somehow morally dangerous, so something is needed to minimize from or erode this danger. Sex might make us treat our sexual partners as objects, and the power of sex might make us engage in sex with the wrong people, in the wrong circumstances, etc. Love or a respectful relationship minimizes these risks Nussbaum — But if sex is objectifying, love or a respectful relationship might not prevent this objectification; lovers or partners to a relationship end up objectifying each other Soble b: — Moreover, if sex is so powerful or mind-numbing, being in a relationship might not make this power any less effective: partners soon start eyeing people outside the relationship.

The argument must assume that being in a relationship turns off sexual desire for other people. There is also the thought that relationships do not escape the power of desire: people often have sex with each other prior to initiating a relationship. A second type of reason against the sufficiency of consent is harm. Setting aside harm to third parties, if sexual activity leads to harm to one or more of its parties, then consent is not sufficient. This view might be plausible especially when it comes to women, given that many women engage in consensual sex but motivated by nonsexual desires, such as not wanting to put their partner in a foul mood.

The harm is psychological, especially to their autonomy West This implies that prostitutes are harmed women because of their consent to undesired sex, an implausible implication.

Put this way, the argument sounds plausible: there is no good reason to deny that harmful sexual acts are wrong in that respect. One might object that this argument is paternalistic, telling people not to engage in sex when the sex is harmful Soble 37— This objection is true in that harmful sex gives the participants a reason to not engage in it, although it cannot be used to argue that social or legal forces should prevent this action Wertheimer — Each case has universal participant consent, yet each sexual act is wrong in some aspect though not all are seriously wrong because it exhibits a vice: unprofessional, intemperate, malicious and possibly cruel and demeaning; cf.

Morgan a , vain, and cowardly, respectively. The necessity of consent is often taken for granted by philosophers. But this can be questioned. For instance, viewing sexual activity and pleasure as casual might render consent unnecessary in some cases Benatar Indeed, a parent might want to instill in their child the ability to be sexually experienced, so might coerce the child into sex on occasion, much like parents coerce their children into activities deemed good for them Benatar — Thus, consent might not always be necessary.

Briefly put, if sexual activity is trivial, sexual consent would not be important or as important as we think. But then promiscuity and casual sex cannot be easily defended on liberal grounds, and a significance view of sex—that sex is a serious matter—is correct Benatar — Thus, if the liberal is to accept the significance view of sex, she must shield casual sex and promiscuity from moral censor. One day, X discovers that some people have entered her apartment and used it to entertain themselves.

X feels justifiably violated, indicating that the violation of private spaces is a serious wrong. This explains why sexual violations are experienced as deeply traumatic Wertheimer ch.

Brogaard — Another strategy is to reject a single view of sexual pleasure as either casual or significant and argue that, depending on between whom the pleasure occurs, it might or might not be casual.

But even if or when sex is significant, it does not follow that it must be experienced only in the context of love, deep affection, etc. What follows instead is that consent is necessary. Thus, sex may be casual or promiscuous, as long as consent is secured. Objectification is a perennial issue in the philosophy of sex. Indeed, sexual desire might not be necessary for the claim that a woman is sexually objectified under patriarchy: a man need not sexually desire a woman to catcall her.

Sexual objectification is treating or considering a person only as a sex object. Casual sex, watching pornography, catcalling, ogling, and other examples all allegedly involve sexual objectification. It is unclear whether objectification can consist of mere mental regard or whether it must have a treatment component ogling someone is interesting because it is unclear whether it is treatment or mere regard. The inclusion of regard is wise because objectification seems to involve mere attitudes and perceptions e.

X then sexually objectifies Y if, and only if, X treats or regards Y only as a sexual object. The importance of objectification stems from a view of human beings as more than objects LeMoncheck ch. If human beings, regardless of individual merit, have elevated moral status in virtue of having rationality, dignity, autonomy, or some such property, reducing someone to a lower level is wrong. But how common the actual occurrence of sexual objectification and how serious it is, are additional questions.

It seems rare to treat our sexual partners as mere objects in any obvious and troubling ways: not only are we aware of their humanity, we are also attentive to it. Langton — —only instrumentality is common. Others, such ownership and denial of subjectivity, seem rare Halwani a. Clear cases of sexual objectification include sexually-motivated rape and catcalling. The Kantian view is that sexual desire objectifies by its nature and makes it impossible for the sexual partners to satisfy the Categorical Imperative.

Equally problematic on this view is X objectifying him or herself —more accurately, allowing him or herself to be objectified by Y. Indeed, self-objectification is what makes the view particularly Kantian Soble b: In almost every interaction with each other, we are interested in some ability, talent, or service that another can perform, an aspect intimately connected to their rationality. Only with sexual desire and, Kant says, in the rare case of cannibalism; [ —63] does X desire Y as a body, as an object.

X wants to enjoy Y herself , not her beautiful voice, her massaging abilities, etc. Sexual desire renders people objects by reversing our normal relationship with their bodies. Their bodies become the objects, not the instruments, of our attention. Kant thought that only marriage can make objectification tolerable, though his argument is implausible Kant [ ]; see Soble b, b; Denis ; Wertheimer — Consent is thus not sufficient for permissible sex because consenting to sex is consenting to objectification, to something wrong Soble b: — Vannoy Sexual desire seems also powerful: its pull is strong and its voice loud, insisting, and persistent, so much so that people do irrational and immoral things to satisfy it.

Of course, sexual partners normally observe limits on how they treat each other: they do not violate each other, treat each other literally as objects, and so on, exactly because they understand that they may not treat people in such ways.

Thus, sexual desire operates within moral red lines. The Kantian problem of objectification cannot be easily solved. Arguing that there is no objectification because human beings have no special moral status from which they can be lowered Soble 53—63 does not meet Kant on his own grounds as Soble insists in b. Claiming that parties to the sexual act normally consent to it Mappes , that objectification is okay as long as the relationship is respectful Nussbaum esp.

Two other options are to accept the problem as a problem but perhaps minimize it; Halwani a or to argue that sexual desire among human beings is not always objectifying.

This is not merely the idea, insisted on by the intentional view, that sexual desire in human beings is complex, because a Kantian view of sex can accommodate this point, but that.

Even the elements in sexual desire closest to this are combined, at least in healthy people, with other elements of human emotion that radically transform their meaning. Wood For example, X might sexually desire Y because Y is, among other things, a kind person, such that X would not have desired Y otherwise.

Nonetheless, the above idea that sexual desire can be combined with healthy emotions makes it possible that sexual desire is not always toxic, though how remains unclear. To succeed, sexual desire needs to be injected with healthy emotions, and not merely added to them, so that its nature changes on particular occasions.

On the Kantian view, not all sexual activity is objectifying: any sexual activity not stemming from sexual desire might not be objectifying. Even in those cases when sexual activity is objectifying, its seriousness varies: in consensual encounters it is drowned by other moral factors, whereas in sexually motivated rape it is very serious as sexual desire is the primary motive.

The motive is not to sexually objectify someone, as this is rare; instead, X regards Y in a way that is sexually objectifying. Moreover, it is unclear how sexual objectification differs between men and women, especially if men and women experience sex differently. Men experience sexual desire more frequently and insistently than women, though both are similar in their enjoyment of sexual activity Ogas and Gaddam chs.

Thus men might engage in more sexual objectification than do women given that men think about sex more, ogle others more, and are more easily turned on visually. Since during sexual activity both would sexually objectify each other roughly equally, men would sexually objectify women overall more than women would men.

Men also consume pornography straight and gay far more than women do, so would engage in much more sexual objectification than do women by viewing people on-screen, by viewing people as mere sexual objects, etc. But these claims seem unconvincing.

Nor does pornography seem to send messages about the status of women, whether about the depicted women or women in general. But pornography enables the sexual objectification of women by displaying them to the gaze of the male viewer ditto for men in pornography, albeit the gay gaze.

This form of objectification seems innocuous, as long as it is not implicated in harm towards women, either individually or as a class Gruen ; see also Eaton It eroticizes patriarchal ways of viewing women, so that sexual desire becomes infused with dominance cf.

Morgan a: — The sexual desires of young men who routinely consume pornography become desires for the sexual domination of women. Moreover, insofar as it is an empirical view, no proper evidence has been marshalled in its support Diorio ; Tarrant Sexual desire, as we have seen, is sufficient for objectification.

However, it is not necessary. The guy catcalling a woman to feel part of the group is an example, and so are pornography directors and editors, who, by choosing the angle of the camera and the footage cuts, help sexually objectify the performers by presenting them to the viewer in particular ways; similar reasoning applies to, say, brothel owners.

This might be the most pernicious form of sexual objectification in that social forces direct or pressure not necessarily force women to adopt such self-identifications or self-presentations to lead better lives, though whether they are actually flourishing is harder to gauge.

Cahill 32; see also Consider a closeted gay man who catcalls a woman only to impress his peers. He objectifies her but does not seem derivatize her. Sexual perversions are then standing preferences for sexual activity that does not involve such multi-levels of sexual arousal. Thus, it is inaccurate to accuse it of being sexless Solomon or to evaluate it by giving examples of non-complex sexual acts Kupfer It also misunderstands how perversions usually work: a coprophiliac does not normally desire sex with feces, but to incorporate feces in his sexual act with another, which could involve multi-levels of perception.

Similar views rely on the idea that natural sexual desire is interpersonal, such as that it culminates in love Scruton ch. The following transit lines have routes that pass near Sex-Sade.

Click on the Bus route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules. Click on the Metro route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules. Click on the Train route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules.

The closest stations to Sex-Sade are:. These Bus lines stop near Sex-Sade: 60 , 90 , These Metro lines stop near Sex-Sade: M1. Wondering how to get to Sex-Sade in Milano, Italy? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Sex-Sade with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station.

Moovit provides free maps and live directions to help you navigate through your city. View schedules, routes, timetables, and find out how long does it take to get to Sex-Sade in real time. Looking for the nearest stop or station to Sex-Sade? Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: P. Moovit helps you find alternative routes or times.

We make riding to Sex-Sade easy, which is why over million users, including users in Milano, trust Moovit as the best app for public transit. Get directions now.

Directions to Sex-Sade Milano with public transportation The following transit lines have routes that pass near Sex-Sade. From Rozzano, Pieve Emanuele 52 min

sex sade

The following transit lines have routes that pass near Sex-Sade. Click on the Bus route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated sex schedules. Click on the Metro route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time sex. Click on the Train route sex see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules.

The closest stations to Sex-Sade are:. These Bus lines stop near Sex-Sade: 6090 These Metro lines stop near Sex-Sade: M1. Wondering how to get to Sex-Sade sade Milano, Italy? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Sex-Sade with step-by-step directions from sade nearest public sade station.

Moovit provides sade maps and live directions to help you navigate through your city. View sex, routes, timetables, and find sade how long does it take to get to Sex-Sade in real time. Looking sex the nearest stop or station to Sex-Sade?

Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: P. Moovit helps you find alternative routes or times. We make riding to Sex-Sade easy, which is why over million users, including users in Milano, trust Moovit as the sex app for public transit.

Get directions now. Directions to Sex-Sade Sex with public transportation The following transit lines have routes that pass sex Sex-Sade. From Rozzano, Pieve Emanuele 52 min How to get to Sex-Sade by Bus? From Rozzano, Pieve Emanuele min How to sade to Sex-Sade by Metro? From Rozzano, Pieve Emanuele 91 min. How sade get to Sex-Sade by Train? From Sade Negrelli, Milano 76 min. The closest stations to Sex-Sade are: P. Milano Porta Venezia is meters away, 4 min walk. Lima M1 is meters away, 8 min walk.

Lima is meters away, 8 min walk. Which Bus lines stop near Sex-Sade? Which Train lines stop near Sex Which Metro lines stop near Sex-Sade? Moovit is the world's 1 transit sade. Nearby attractions around Sex-Sade in Milano F. Di Sade Franchin E C. Change language. It's easier to get to Sex-Sade with the app! Get sex App.

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