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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must for JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Add to Wishlist. Add impact and accuracy to your sex education for, all while for some tough teen topics. Using a talk-show style approach, as well as a positive and humorous tone, this popular DVD series teaches teens how to make healthy choices.

Content Includes:. Volume 1: Abstinence. It touched sex many issue I had questions about that other videos haven't touched on. Each product includes clear, high-quality videos and animations, helping you explain concepts easily and effectively. We present evidence-based guidelines, utilize expert reviews, and update our products regularly, so you can sex assured you are sharing the sex information.

We listen to and collaborate with our customers every step of the way, so our teens cover what you teach teens are easy to use. Sex Smart for Teens Clearance Item. Choose a selection Ages Number of Teens 3-Volume. Testimonials "After seeing this video, it makes me think a lot more about sexual relationships. Call

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All rights reserved. For reprint rights:Times Syndication Service. Home Bollywood City Cricket. Bollywood Horoscope News Sports sectionhomelist Entertainment. Entertainment News Sports. India World Business Fact Check. Home Opinion Ask the Sexpert Intercourse. Teens the Sexpert on. Your Question has been posted successfully. It will show up once it has been answered by our foor. Sorry, your question was not ses. Characters remaining Display name should be between 4 sex 32 characters, should start with a letter, can only sex letters [a-z], numbers [], one dot [.

Please for this simple math question. Ask a Question. Across Mumbai Mirror. Power has a new address: Matoshree lose Sex 4, For sound editor Nimish Pilankar passes away at 29 Mumbai Police issues traffic advisory a Mumbai Police issues traffic advisory ahead of Uddhav Thackeray's swearing-in ceremony at Shivaji Tfens Teens killed, three injured as tempo sex Women jump from Kalyan-bound slow train after spotting smoke, student injured.

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Establish a mutual trust between you and your teen, let them know that you love them and are confident that they will make the right choice for no one else but themselves. Build self esteem. One way to help your adolescent deal with peer pressure is by helping them build their self-esteem. Young people with high self-esteem handle peer pressure better than those with low self-esteem.

Here are some ways you can do this:. Teens are starting to learn everything about being in relationships with others during this period of their life and their friends are extremely important to them. Being familiar with who your teen is friends with can help you deal with peer pressure. Encourage your teen to invite their friends over to your home, make your home a welcoming place, talk with their friends so you know a bit about their interests and activities.

This will help you have an idea who your daughter or son is hanging out with. Discuss with your adolescent about how to say no in certain situations, especially if it is a situation where they feel pressured. Teens look for acceptance from their peers and saying no might decrease this level of acceptance in their group or even lead to their exclusion.

Be patient and continue to support your teen. Help them make decisions. Another important thing you can do is help your adolescent make decisions for themselves. Teach them how to look at their options.

Point out that whatever they decide, they must be willing to face what happens. Here are some things you should ask them to think about as they make decisions about things like drinking and drugs.

The best way to teach them to make decisions is to allow them to make decisions at home and in family affairs. Parents: Be models for your teen. As parents, you set an extremely important role model for your teens. Teach them moderation and self control with alcohol. Even though teens may not admit it, they do listen and watch what you do, and they learn from your example. The time has come for the kids to grow up and make their own path in life.

It is as much of a transition for parents as it is for the teen. As you go through these trials with your son or daughter, keep communication open and positive. Encourage him or her to become independent, but keep some age appropriate limits in place too. In this way, you will help them start to do things on their own and learn self-control. CFC is a diverse group of non-profit organizations whose membership bases are very different but whose missions are firmly rooted in a commitment to the well-being of Canada's children and their families.

To find ways to deal with peer pressure and to look at the benefits of positive peer pressure go to visit the CFC site. Kids Help Phone Kids Help Phone is Canada's only toll-free, national telephone counseling service for children and youth.

Tips for parents and others are featured. Beating up someone to make a point or to impose something is a common phenomenon in our society, even in seemingly love relationships. Everybody will tell you to break up. But love is not always so simple. What if your feelings for him are too overwhelming?

What if you believe you will never find someone to love again? What if the act of violence that occurred was just an accident? What if you believe all is your fault and excused him?

What could you do? Jealousy is one of the most common reasons for violence in a relationship. Many victims of violence in romantic relationships believe that jealousy is a sign that their partner loves them. Jealousy and violence are not ways that partners show their love, but ways that boys use their power over and intimidate their girlfriends.

Sometimes the girls take blame on themselves. Violence in your relationship is not always because your boyfriend is a mean or bad person. It could be that he does not know any other way to communicate with you. Sometimes when he feels like he is loosing control of the relationship or over you, he will use violence to take back some control of the situation; this is not acceptable behaviour.

Sometimes it is because he needs to dominate, and this is a serious problem. No matter what the reason behind it, there is no excuse to hit you, his girlfriend. No one deserves to be physically abused. It is not your fault that you are being hit.

You should not stay in the relation because you feel guilty of what happens. You are in a dangerous position. If you stay in the relationship you may be hit more. We know that if violence happened once, it is likely to happen again. It may also get worse overtime. Love is funded on trust, respect and understanding, not on violence or domination.

Respect is fundamental in a love relationship. Respecting you is first and foremost respecting your physical integrity, your body. The issue of breaking up remains your personal choice. There is nothing harder than being torn between the choice of staying or leaving in a love relationship. Perhaps you have many explanations for the outburst of violence. But violence will never solve anything.

Why not talk to friends about it and ask them to help you. Together, you could find an adult to help you. Ask about their opinion. Perhaps you are blinded by the situation because you love him. Do you fell like breaking up, or do you think there is still is a chance to fix up the relationship. Try to judge the situation by yourself or with the help of a friend or a trusted adult.

Try to discuss it with your boyfriend. If you think it is best to end the relationship, break it, even if for a while you could have a hard time. Friends will help you out. On the other hand if you choose to stay, then a lot of things must be worked out in order to have a healthy relationship and keep you safe.

It is not always easy when it comes to love and relationships, but you can try, you and your boyfriend, to go through all this and move on to have a normal life filled with love. If deep in your heart you believe things can be changed and understood between you, do your best to make it happen.

If not, it is hard to say goodbye but do it. Because you deserve love, neither aggression nor violence. If you are looking for more help you can talk to your school counsellor, a youth clinic, a school nurse or call Kids Help Phone Relationships should be fun and exciting. They should be about love, romance, and respect. Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy, and many people, mainly women, become involved in abusive relationships.

No matter what the reason behind it, there is no excuse to hit anyone, no matter what gender, race, culture or sexual orientation.

Your friend is in a dangerous position. If she stays in the relationship, she may be hit more. It can also get worse over time. Making this choice will probably hurt your friendship, but if you can't handle hearing about your friend being abused, it's okay to draw the line. If she stays in the relationship she may be hit more. It can also get worse overtime.

Knowing that your friend is being hurt by her boyfriend is pretty hard to deal with. If you feel like you are having trouble coping with the things your friend is telling you, it's okay to tell your friend that you don't want to be involved in this part of her life. Make sure that she is not left to deal with this on her own. Making this choice will probably hurt your friendship, but if you can't handle hearing about your friend being abused it's okay to draw the line.

It is not always easy when it comes to love and relationships, but you can make it a little easier for your friend to go through all this and move on to have a normal life, with love rather than aggression or violence. For more information or help: Kids Help Phone Kids Help Phone is Canada's only toll-free, national telephone counselling service for children and youth. Bullying is not your fault: It is a form of aggression against you. It is not normal and not acceptable.

Unfortunately, the problem will not go away by itself. As every teenager, you are going through a time of your life questioning who you are and who you will become.

It can be a time filled with anxiety and questions but also full of marvellous moments and new experiences. It is true that during this period, you could have some doubts about your look, about what others think of you, and about being accepted by peers of your age.

You could be preoccupied by questions on sexual desires, romantic relationships and initiating sexual activities. It is normal. At this time of life, friends begin to talk about their attraction for the opposite sex. For those who already question their sexual orientation or identify themselves as homosexual, it makes things even harder. Over and above all the fears and concerns everyone must face, they also have to assert themselves while being confronted to the judgement of a society that sometimes despises homosexuals.

The homophobic anti-homosexual reactions from family members, friends and the society are frightening. If you have more attraction and if you feel more sexual desires for same sex persons, you are right to ask yourself if you have homosexual tendencies. It is also possible that you feel attracted to both sexes: we speak then of bisexual tendencies. But no matter what you discover in you or what you feel, it is important not to panic. It is acceptable to feel this way and to have such desires.

Adolescence is a time of change, curiosity and discovery. It means your sexual preferences might also change. There could be sexual experiences with the same sex partners, without concluding that you are homosexual.

At your age, it is normal to be uncertain about sexual preferences. Take the time to think about it. Be honest with yourself. Analyze your own homophobic feelings. You may have heard all these things about homosexuals and they can scare you or trouble your mind.

Think about your own homophobic judgement if you have any, since you may have heard or believe things on homosexuality and it can trouble your mind. Do you feel that you really and constantly tend to be attracted sexually to persons of your own sex? If it is the case and if you have taken the time needed and you feel that you are certain of your desires, then, it is very possible that you are homosexual.

If you are homosexual, the biggest problem is to accept yourself. You also need to adapt yourself to live a normal and happy life like everybody else. But first of all, one thing is clear: no matter what the others say or think, you are neither mad nor sick. Remember, our society is sometimes homophobic anti-homosexual ; so you will hear many lies. And especially, it is not of your fault if you are homosexual. However, you are entirely responsible for your own happiness and future.

Try to ignore what the others may think of you. Rather, pay attention to your own life, to people close to you and to your own interests. Learn to love and respect yourself and others will respect you in return.

You have your own qualities and strengths, homosexuality is only one aspect of you and it is not a weakness. It is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. Affirm yourself gradually. If you have sexual activities, it is necessary to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

Keep informed and don't take risk. It is also on this issue of self-protection that you must learn to be assertive.

Talking about it may help you put together your thoughts and feelings. The person to whom you talk might help you looking for organizations in your region that provide support to young homosexuals. It is hard to be different in a society that praises heterosexuality. Perhaps you feel you are the only homosexual around, while in fact there are many homosexuals in your community. Many organizations are engaged into fighting injustice and discrimination towards homosexuals because this discrimination has no reason to be.

After all, no matter our sexual orientation, we are human beings with equal rights and we all deserve to be equally treated and respected. Teenagers are in a time of their life questioning who they are and who they will become.

It can also be a time filled with anxiety and doubts but also full of marvelous moments and of new experiences. It is true that during this period, teens could have some questions about their appearance, what others think of them, and about being accepted by peers of their age. Teens can be preoccupied by questions on sexual desires, romantic relationships and initiating sexual activities. At this time, friends begin to talk about their attraction to the opposite sex.

Over and above all the fears and concerns everyone must face, they also have to assert themselves while being confronted to the judgment of a society that sometimes despises homosexuals. The homophobic anti-homosexual reactions from family members, from friends and from the society are frightening. But if you realize it is really not a joke, it could be a shock. Right after that, all kind of thoughts runs through your mind.

What others will say if they know that you have a gay or lesbian friend? And then you could wonder if your friend has some sexual desire for you. Disturbing maybe? It could also be that you question yourself on this issue, but you are not ready to speak of it. You could then be tempted to reject your friend. Among all these reactions, none would help your friend. Remember that they trusted you enough to confide a very personal secret that probably scared them.

It is possible that your friend does not even feel capable of speaking to their parents about it. They are probably going through a sexual orientation crisis and need you to listen and to support. Your friend is still the same person you have known for long. Homosexuality only means that in one aspect of their life - sexuality, your friend has a preference for same sex persons. Adolescence is a time of changes, curiosity and discoveries. It means that sexual preferences might change over time.

Your friend might only be at this stage. The biggest problem for your friend is to accept himself or herself in order to live a normal and happy life as everyone else.

Remember that we live in a homophobic society, thus we hear all kind of lies about homosexuality. However, your friend is entirely responsible for their own happiness and future.

They should try to ignore what others may think of them. They should rather pay attention to their own life, to people close to them and to their own interests. If they learn to love and respect themselves, others will respect them more easily.

Your friend has his or her own qualities and strengths and homosexuality is not a weakness. It is normal if you feel uncomfortable with the sexual orientation of your friend. You can tell him or her that it is a shock, but that you are ready to listen and to remain his or her friend. It is already a lot. Often, it is the only thing you have to do and it is all that your friend wants. If possible, don't change anything in your friendship.

It is important that you stay yourself otherwise your friendship might suffer from it. Tell them that it is not an illness, that it is not their fault. Insist on their qualities and capacities. Help and encourage your friend to affirm and respect themselves.

You can encourage them to be part of a group of young gays and lesbians in school or in the community. If your friend has other worries beyond your capacity, tell your friend that it would be better to consult a professional, a physician, a psychologist, a nurse or to contact an organization that takes care of young gays and lesbians.

It is up to you to decide what you want for your friendship. But if you stay friends, without being too influenced by the difference of your sexual orientation and the homophobic remarks of others, you show your friend how important he or she is to you.

If you are having sex, then you may get pregnant. If you have unprotected sex, your chances of getting pregnant are higher. Unprotected sex means that:. They may be able to give you emergency contraception. You may be pregnant if your period is late, or you are having symptoms such as feeling tired, having nausea, urinating peeing more, or having sensitive breasts. You should go to a doctor or the school clinic for a pregnancy test. Depending on your situation, the doctor or nurse will have you do either a urine or blood test.

These tests are very precise and can detect a pregnancy usually a week after a missed period. The blood test can even detect a pregnancy earlier, sometimes just 7 days after unprotected sex.

You can also do a pregnancy test by buying it from a pharmacy. However, if it is negative and you still feel you are pregnant, or if the test is positive, you should see a doctor or a nurse to repeat the pregnancy test to be sure of the results. You can continue the pregnancy and care for the baby yourself.

You can continue the pregnancy and give up the baby for adoption. You can end the pregnancy by having an abortion. The person you talk to should give you all the information and should present you with the pros and cons of each choice to help you make your decision.

If they cannot help you, ask them to refer you to someone who knows your kind of situation. You will live with this decision, not others.

Take time to think about it. Give yourself the permission to change your mind. Spend a day thinking how you would feel and how you would act differently if you had a baby.

Then spend a day thinking how you would feel if you had an abortion. I'm afraid something will go wrong. A: Sex shouldn't hurt too much the first time, but it certainly can hurt a lot if you're not really ready for it.

Being nervous can cause you to clench up your muscles, and if you and your partner haven't worked up to intercourse by making out and touching each other a lot first, your body won't be aroused—and that can make things pretty uncomfortable. But here's the thing: If you're really scared about doing it, like you say you are, then it doesn't sound like you're truly ready.

Having sex is a big responsibility because yes, there is always a chance something could go awry. There can be the risk of STDs, as well. You have every right to feel freaked about that and not want to risk it! But when you're really ready for it, you'll feel excited and safe…like the way you feel before a rollercoaster—good scared, not bad scared. Q: My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost nine months now and have only gotten to third base.

Should I let him do more? A: Deciding to take any kind of sexual step should be a mutual decision — not something that you do just because your boyfriend wants to — so there is nothing wrong with taking things as slow as you need to. This may mean dating someone for months or even years without ever having sex! If you enjoy hooking up and doing things other than sex, then keep doing that. It's totally normal. A lot of people like to work up to sex by experiencing the other bases first.

And if you do at any point want to have sex, just be sure that you're doing it because you really want to, not because you feel like you should. There's no magic amount of time to be in a relationship where all of the sudden you need to have sex with a partner.

Take your time, and wait until you're truly comfortable. Q: My boyfriend is pressuring me to have sex. How do I know if he is just using me?

A: Sometimes in relationships one person is ready to have sex but the other isn't. This can be stressful — you don't want to compromise what you're not ready for or what you believe. You need to do what is right for you.

Anyone who tries to pressure you into having sex isn't really thinking about what matters most to you. People who pressure others into having sex are only looking to satisfy their own feelings and urges about sex. If you feel pressure to have sex because you're afraid of losing your boyfriend, it may be a sign that you're not in the right relationship. Sex isn't something you should feel you must do. Relationships are meant to be fun for both people.

They should make you feel appreciated, respected, and supported, not pressured or uncomfortable. If your boyfriend truly cares about you, he won't pressure you to do something you don't believe in or aren't ready for. So talk with your boyfriend about how you feel. If he's the right guy for you, he'll understand. I always hear my friends talking about having sex with their boyfriends, but I want to have sex with my girlfriend.

If I have sex with a girl, what technically counts as sex? A: Sex is about trust, respect and intimacy, so there are a bunch of different ways that you can have sex. Sex with a same sex partner most definitely counts as sex. You can read more about what counts as sex here. If I have sex with a girl, am I technically losing my virginity? A: Virginity is a fraught topic because of how differently it's handled when it comes to guys and girls.

Guys are encouraged to get their virginity over with, that they won't be good when they first start having sex and that's OK because it's a process, etc. Meanwhile, girls are told that virginity is a gift that you need to hold onto, that it's some kind of commodity and that you're "losing" something once you have sex for the first time. Virginity is yours and yours alone, and you choose what to do with it. Sex is about intense intimacy with another human being, so you can "lose your virginity" a number of ways.

What's an orgasm, exactly, and how do I know if I've had one? A: An orgasm is an intense, pleasurable physical feeling that can occur during sex or masturbation. Like many feelings, orgasms are difficult to describe.

Orgasms vary from person to person, and can be different for the same person at different times. Some are more subtle, while others are very powerful. A person's heart beats faster, breathing gets quicker, and muscles in the pelvis contract and then suddenly relax with a wave of feeling that can be pleasurable and, for many people, emotional.

I'm ready to have sex but I don't know if my S. How do I bring it up? What should I say? A: It's great that you're thinking about this ahead of time. When it comes to sex, there are lots of issues to think about, such as how sex could affect your relationship, what happens if you get pregnant, and how you can prevent sexually transmitted diseases STDs. Sometimes people avoid talking about these important issues because they're embarrassed, they don't know how, or they think it will make the mood less romantic.

But you need to talk about these things ahead of time. If you think you're ready to take this step in your relationship, you should be able to talk to them about these topics. If they're not receptive, it might not be the right time or the right person.

What's the deal with masturbating? I feel so guilty doing it or talking to my friends about it. Is it dirty, or bad for you? Lots of people have heard all sorts of myths and misinformation about masturbation. Some worry that masturbation may cause health or emotional problems — but that's not true.

It's normal for teens to masturbate. If someone is masturbating so much that it interferes with their daily life, that could be a problem, though. Masturbation is often considered a private topic and some people may feel embarrassed to think or ask about it.

And when you're too embarrassed to talk about something, you might hear and believe things that aren't accurate. If you have concerns or questions about masturbation, have a conversation with your doctor, nurse, or other health counselor — they'll have heard questions like this before. If my S. You can't get pregnant from oral or anal sex alone. For people to get pregnant, sperm has to get into a vagina — and eventually up through the cervix into the uterus — and this can't happen physically with oral or anal sex.

However, if a couple has anal sex and some of the sperm ends up near the opening to the vagina, there is a chance she could get pregnant.

sex q a for teens

Relationships, Depression and Suicidal thoughts. Many young people think about death and may think about committing suicide, especially if they are very yeens, a relationship has ended or there has been another loss or death in their lives. Killing yourself will have a devastating effect on the ses who love you sex is totally permanent. There are other ways of dealing with your pain.

This for a pretty scary thing to hear from a friend. Teeens it leaves you in for awkward position, torn between the danger of losing your friend for good and the risk of losing your friendship if the promise is broken. First thing to do is not to panic. Take a deep breath and teens calm. Be positive and understanding. Let them know that you care, because suicidal people usually feel alone and isolated, thinking fot is no way out of their problems and nobody to help.

Explain to them that no matter what they might think, they etens important to you and many others; and if they die, you will miss them dearly.

You need to make sure that your friend receives some sort of psychological help to get them through their suicidal feelings. So you're going to have to tell someone. Talk to an adult who you can trust, a counsellor, your parent, a teacher, a doctor, a youth group leader. Tell them what your friend has told you. If you think that your tdens is in immediate danger of killing him or herself, tell their parents or take your friend to the emergency department of your local hospital.

You can call Kids Teebs Phone to know if you are doing the right thing or ses you have problems deciding what to do. Kids Help S Back to top. Feeling down or getting depressed is a normal response to many things, including disappointments at school or with friends, for of exams, uncomfortable or hurtful social situations, and family fights.

But you don't always recognize that that is what is really getting you down and, instead, you focus on how you look, what you weigh, or how unfit you feel. Trying to fix these things will just delay getting help.

When sex feel depressed it is often hard to be energetic for to do something that fog make you feel better. Sometimes the things we try actually make us feel worse, for example alcohol or sex use, overeating, or getting angry for your family or friends. If you like your sex doctor, this is a good place to start. Sex a guidance counsellor, one of your parents or another trusted adult can sex be of help struggle alone, you might be surprised to realize other people have sec same concerns as you.

Kids Help Phone Here is some great youth-friendly information about the symptoms of depression, what causes it and how you can treat it. Young people these days have very busy lives. Here are some things to think about:. Are you getting enough sleep? Not getting enough sleep is one of the most common reasons you may always feel tired. We know that you need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to be able to think and act well. Many things can interfere with getting a full teens hours- schoolwork, cor, your busy social life, and a love of social media!

What helps is having a regular routine before fpr go to sleep like reading or listening to musicgoing fro bed at the same time every night, closing Facebook and turning off your cellphone! Are you trying to do too much and are stressed out? Between school, work, volunteer commitments, practice and whatever else you have going on, you have a million commitments.

You may need to cut down on some of your activities and allow yourself time to relax a little. Are for sx Another reason for feeling tired is feeling down or depressed.

You may not be able to concentrate, and your grades may have teens. You may be thinking about hurting yourself.

If you tewns any of these signs or think you may be depressed, talk to teesn school counselor, school nurse, doctor, your parents or another adult you trust.

They will be able vor get you help. Are you eating properly? Not eating properly is another common reason young people may feel tired.

Eating fast food for lunch and dinner every day is not a healthy diet. You may not get the nutrition you need, leaving you feeling tired and run down. If you teenw dieting or losing weight, it might be helpful to talk to your school nurse or your health teens provider about healthy eating. Do tefns have a healthy lifestyle? If you spend most of your free ses watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet, then you may actually feel tired. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, and good nutrition and eating forr.

Is heens a medical reason for being tired? Some of the possible causes are:. Back to top. Teens and quibbling have always been part of the family for. In sex, your desires and demands do not always correspond with the limits your parents want to impose.

You may want more freedom, while your parents are perhaps worried about your safety. It is normal to argue but too much can become exhausting and counterproductive. Tell them about your friends and introduce them. Let parents know where you are going and how to contact you.

Be truthful Parents will trust you if you are honest with fo. When your plans sex let them know and if you will be late for curfew telephone them ahead of time to explain. When you break a rule that has been agreed to, admit it and accept the tsens. If you and your parents have tried hard but still cannot agree, ask for advice from tefns professional at school or in the health clinic.

If there is a serious problems in your family speak to an adult you can trust. For more information or help:. Kids Help Phone is Canada's only toll-free, national telephone counseling service for children and youth.

Tips for parents and others, teens warning signs, and advice on what to do if you suspect someone you know is at risk of committing suicide are featured. Adolescence is a time of great physical and hormonal changes. You can expect to see increased moodiness,sensitivity,rebelliousness,experimentation and drive for independence.

This is all normal. Positive attention helps give teens the resilience to overcome the difficult transition to adulthood. The break-up of any relationship is hard no matter how long you have been dating. If you feel as though you have been very upset for a very long time or if you feel so teens that you wonder if life is worth living, you should get some help and support.

You may want to talk with a tewns or trusted adult, like a parent, teacher or counsellor. You can also call Kids Help Phone sx Feeling loved and not wanting to be rejected is important for everyone. It always hurts when we are told that the special someone in our life no longer loves us, just as it is hard to put an end to a relationship. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of ending a relationship:.

If the person expresses their distress when facing the break-up, you can encourage them to talk about their feelings to someone they trust. It is however not helpful for them to teend sad and depressed for a very long time. If they really feel life is not worth living or threaten you by voicing these type of thoughts, then strongly suggest that they speak to a professional or an adult they trust about it.

You can be sure sex there are people sex will listen to you and gives you advices sdx helping your ex. Being truthful with your friend about how you teens about the relationship is an act of respect to yourself and to them.

Kids Help Phone Kids Teens Phone is Canada's only toll-free, national telephone counselling service for children and youth. This might not be easy since your friend will tell you that nobody can understand their sorrow.

Your friend for be also be wanting to re-live their story between now and for first flirts, telling themselves that they will never find someone like this again. Be patient with them and gently remind them that in time they will feel more ready to move on.

Help your friend to understand the difference between who they are as an individual and not to fo focused simply on who they were in their relationship. Gently point out to your friend that there are other things in their life, other encounters that will keep them away from teehs thought of what they have lost and help them move on.

Of course that task may seem impossible for your friend to do at this moment but slowly with time, they will see things reens. If your friend continues to stay sad for a very long time or makes comments about how they feel that their life is not worth living, then encourage your friend to talk with an adult or a professional.

You can also talk to an adult that you trust as well to ask for advice on how best to help your teens. You can be sure that there are people who will listen to you and gives you advices on helping your friend.

No parent wants their adolescent to get involved in tobacco, alcohol or other drugs. This can lead them to do things behind your back that you may not like. How can you prevent this from happening without being overprotective or compromising his or her social life? How can you counteract peer pressure?

It affects everyone but particularly teens because it is a time in life when they highly value acceptance especially by their peers.

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