Apr 11

Life insurance to pay for children’s education

Life insurance can generate capital for the future in a comfortable and consistent. Our home, family, maintain the standard of living we have achieved. The important things in life we can`t leave to chance are not the same for everyone. For many, the studies of the children are the gateway to a better future, so a new concept recently just landed in the field of life insurance in our country.

It is possible to face the future training of children without economic problems for you to miss. There are new generation of investment product in the form of life insurance designed to meet long-term costs associated with the growth and education of children. Not only parents, but anyone over age (grandparents, uncles, etc…) Can be policy-holder and make the necessary contributions to cover the costs of child studies.

The product includes a bonus double system. The first, “Loyalty”, enables the policy expiration recover part or all of the fees paid, depending on the duration of the plan. The second is called “Special Bonus” and rewards academic success. Thus, if the student gets in the entrance examination to the University a grade equal to or higher than an 8, be returned at maturity, depending on the term of the product and the grade obtained, up another 100% of the fees paid.

In this product may contribute small amounts to produce savings grow over time, in this case four different periods: 10, 12, 15 or 18 years, depending on the child’s age at the time of recruitment. Depending on the duration of insurance , is assigned a life cycle from the existing four , ranging baskets redistributing toward more conservative investments as you get older , or you can opt for a free profile , which is taker himself would select the baskets in which the investment is made.