Apr 11

Myths of social media marketing

In all business sectors we found always a series of myths that always accompany the sector. In the social media marketing are different myths that lead to confusion to many brands. We must know these myths to know that can bring us really to our brand marketing in social networks. The most prominent myths are:

“Amount of followers equal to amount of consumers”: not all fans of our brand are consumers of our brand.

“Only young people use social networks”: on facebook, for example, more numerous members are those between 35 and 54 years old.

“Social networks give immediate results”: involves time building the pillars of a community, the results of this are seen in the medium and long term.

“Management in social networks are balance”: this management entails much investment of time, applications, and personnel in charge. We must invest money if we want to convert our strategy to profitability.

“Social networks are used to sell everything”: should seek a platform on social networks for better care and loyalty of our customers. We must not look for a direct sale.

“Social networks have no rules”: for the success of our brand must follow some guidelines. If we do not follow these guidelines and let the success or failure of our brand at random, it is safest that we have no luck.

“Only there are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube”: may be the most important networks, but not the most beneficial for our brand. We need to discover the social networks that are best suited to our brand and more profitability can offer us.

“Social networks do not occupy time”: the management and maintenance of a community social networking entails long time. We must generate unique content and quality, manage responses, analyze the results, analyze the productive hours of the week, social networks, etc.