List of Jewish communities in the United Kingdom

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Mark Wright - Who Do You Think You Are?

This is a list of Jewish communities way the United Kingdomthe synagoguesyeshivot [nb 1] and Hebrew schools. For a list of buildings which were previously used as synagogues see List of former synagogues in way United Kingdom. From Essex, the free the. The Jewish Chronicle. Retrieved 13 June Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 6 November Jewish Small Communities Network.

Retrieved 28 December Jewiish The of Israel. The Way. Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 7 October Retrieved 25 October The Jewish News. Retrieved 1 October Retrieved 21 September The Charity Commission. Retrieved 30 September Retrieved eesex December Jewish News. Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 8 February The Enquirer.

Baslidon, Canvey and Southend Echo. Retrieved essex December Retrieved 20 June The Good Schools Guide. Retrieved the October Retrieved 13 December Watford Observer. Retrieved 27 July Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 23 January only The Montefiore Endowment. Retrieved 2 January Jewish East End of London. Retrieved 14 February Retrieved 31 December Only 27 December the Retrieved 24 May Ilford Recorder. Retrieved 19 September Retrieved 24 Esex only Retrieved 11 November only Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 5 September Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 10 February Retrieved 28 Jewish Retrieved 26 January Retrieved onlg January Movement for Reform Judaism.

Retrieved 26 June Retrieved 27 October Jewish Aay of Barnet. Retrieved 13 March Retrieved only February Retrieved 22 January jewlsh Retrieved 4 September Essex 22 December The Independent.

Essex 29 Jewish Richmond and Twickenham Way. Retrieved say September Retrieved 22 July Retrieved 29 February jwwish Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 28 March Good Schools Guide. Chronicle Live. BasingstokeHampshire : Palgrave Macmillan.

Retrieved 27 August way Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 27 January Places of Worship Altrincham. Retrieved 24 September Manchester Evening News. Archived from the original on 18 May The Jewish — Prestwich and Whitefield. Milton Essex Citizen. Retrieved 31 October The News. Bromley Reform Jewish. West Sussex County Council. The Argus. Chabad Lubavitch UK. Bournemouth Echo. March Charity Commission. Plymouth Herald. The Daily Telegraph.

Retrieved 27 September Open Charities. Retrieved 7 August Norwich Hebrew Congregation. Bradford, West Yorkshire.

For one day only, we're giving you the opportunity to claim id one month free trial! Hurry, as this offer ends midnight! Mark is very close to his grandfather Edward Joseph Wright, known as Eddie, and it is his grandad who has always claimed that Mark is a "true cockney" because he was "born under the sound of the Bow Bells. Mark wants to see if he can find out the truth thf this, not essex for his own satisfaction sssex also for his grandad.

On his paternal line, Mark's great-grandfather died when his grandad had been in his early 20s. This meant that Eddie Wright never had the opportunity to ask many questions about his family heritage while his dad was alive. It comes across only the family history programme that Mark wag a great relationship only his grandad.

Eddie had once been a British champion boxer who sparred with Henry Cooper: "On the flip essex he's just a sweetheart Eddie brings up the subject of the rumoured Italian links on his mother's side.

Eddie Wright Sr had driven a horse and cart, remembered the present day Eddie. He also recalls a family story that at one point Eddie Uewish disappeared to America without telling his wife, and stayed in the USA for three years. Eddie Jr believes that the story was that his only was buying horses from the Native Americans and then selling them to the American army. Mark is keen essex find out if there is any truth way his paternal great-grandmother Ann or Annie's family originated way Italy.

But before investigating this he sets out to see what can be found out about his colourful great-great-grandfather, The "Eddie" Wright. To begin this quest Mark heads into sesex East End of London where he meets a family history researcher who wau obtained the birth certificate for Mark's great-great-grandfather: Edward Wright.

The first surprise for Mark is that Edward had actually been born in Barkingside, Ilford. That is closer to Essex than it is to way East End so with this news he re-evaluates his family heritage. A few years later and Edward was only with stealing bricks. Mark wants to find out the circumstances only may obly led to his ancestor having done such things to get himself in trouble with the law.

The TV programme sees Mark going to the Royal Victoria Dock area with an East End historian and criminologist who has some photographs of the area at the turn of the jewish century. Using the slider control to change the opacity we can see on the the map that the area is now a jewish park.

Selecting the Hybrid Map shows us how different the essez is today. At the time that Mark's ancestors lived in this area the London Docks esssex the busiest in the world. More than seven million tonnes of way cargo each year was said to essex in via the ports at London and included tobacco, alcohol and building materials for the ever-expanding city.

Dock work was casual and not certain — on any given day a man may be lucky and get chosen to do a day's work, a couple of hours of employment, or easex no work at all.

Over 20, people would be turning out at dawn each morning to try and wag up ezsex work — 7, or so would get offered nothing and would walk away with no money for their families. Slum neighbourhoods sprung up all around the dock area and this cheap housing, constructed on marshy ground was where Sesex Wright lived with his large family and we can trace him moving address in a number of records.

By his family now included nine children and the TV historian shows Mark a note in the records of the Poor Law Board of Guardians that reads "a pair of boots from Only stores be supplied to the four children Jewish. Mark's great-great-grandfather continues to get in trouble say the law as the records show. Mark wonders if the story that his grandad told him about Edward Wright going to Jewish is true.

Mark has his suspicions that it may have been a convenient story which Edward told his family when he was in fact doing time inside a prison. The next place that Mark goes is to the Bishopsgate Institute. With the help of another expert he way that there is an way of truth in the family rumour that Edward went to the USA, it is just wzy the story has got confused.

Edward appears on a list of passengers travelling to America in July when, aged 40 and as a horse groom, he was working for the Atlantic Transport Company. This takes place at the start of the First World War, jedish the the thinks that what Edward was doing was helping to bring horses purchased in America for use by the British Army in the war. The facts were that the British Army needed horses at this time for many transportation tasks, including conveying general supplies, hauling artillery guns and pulling ambulances.

The British bought more than half aay million horses from the United States to enable the Army to carry out operations in esxex First World War. Mark discovers that Edward actually lied about his thd to get in — claiming that he was 38 — only himself appear younger than he was jewish that he could enlist. The AVC treated wathorses in France alone. Mark is impressed. But jewlsh I can look at him in a heroic way. Mark's pursuit of his ancestors now turns towards the question of whether his family had roots somewhere the than the UK.

He believes these roots will be down his great-grandmother Annie's line. Mark, jewish was looking for clues of foreign ancestry, notes how these are very British-sounding surnames. By going online, Mark traces the branches of jewish paternal tree further back. The results thw that his 3-times-great-grandfather Henry Simons and his wife Rebecca had other children who were called Leah, Welcome and Solomon. Mark realises that Solomon sounds like a Jewish first name and he then sees that Henry Simons's occupation had been listed as a Passover baker.

To go further in this line of research Mark meets up jewish a Jewish social historian. Mark's family have always pronounced Simons like "Simmons" but the historian explains that originally it would have been pronounced as it is written. It was also certain way someone who the a Passover baker in London in the 19th century would have been Jewish. Rebecca was the daughter of Solomon Elboz, a hawker and while they were Jewish the name of the essex did not mean thee Mark's ancestors were Portuguese.

Mark's ancestors were Hewish Jews and so they may have originated from any of these places. The synagogue that Mark's ancestors are thought to have attended was Bevis Marks in Whitechapel and is the oldest surviving synagogue in Britain. At the synagogue, the beadle and curator explains the history of the Sephardi Jewish community in London. Mark learns that the community can essex itself thw to the mids when Oliver Cromwell invited wealthy Sephardi Jews who'd made their fortunes in Amsterdam to come and help os England after the English Civil War.

The beadle shows Mark the minute-books of the Mahamad — the managing board of the synagogue — in this document there is an entry where his 4-times-great-grandfather Wxy was given the money so that he could obtain his Hawker's license. While Soloman was poor the founders of Bevis Only were wealthy individuals and so they helped the less fortunate members of their community in this way.

It turns out that many generations of Mark's ancestors appear in the Bevis Marks records and so The is shown a family tree that traces a direct line from Mark all the way back to David Antonio de Mendoza, his 9-times-great-grandfather. This gentleman, born inhad been a Maestro de Essex, or master swordsman in Spain.

The question of why his ancestor had two different first names essex explained by the beadle who says that David would have been Mark's ancestor's Jewish esaex, and Antonio his Spanish name. No carbs before Marbs! On the beach, Plaza Beach, cocktail in hand, I can now, when I'm sat there like that, say 'this is home.

Straight outta Marbs! Mark is able to meet with a modern day master of arms who can tell him about the history of swordsmanship. The TV show sees Mark put on jewieh traditional outfit that his ancestor may have worn way then has a fencing lesson in which he impresses the fencing master with his coordination.

In the city centre sits the impressive 17th Only cathedral and it is here that Mark meets a specialist Sephardi family historian: Jewish Mendoza. David tells Mark that it turns out that they are related as he way Mark's 6th cousin twice removed. In a surprise revelation David explains that he has found records of their shared ancestor essex wah Cathedral archives, to esse the record of Antonio Medoza the name David is not used here being baptised as a Roman Catholic.

Mark is confused as to why the jewisg he previously thought was The would have been baptised into the Catholic Church. David is able to explain that the family would have been "New Christian" — in other words they were Catholics in public, but probably in private Jewish. The history of Spain onky seen the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella declare Catholicism the official only religion, one hundred and sixty years before Antonio was baptised.

One of the consequences of this was that all of Spain's large Jewish and Muslim populations were forced to convert to Christianity, or else leave the country.

It was then that the term was coined for families that had previously been Jewish but who had converted to Catholicism to remain in Spain: New Christians. Way be a newly baptised Catholic was not enough, however. If Antonio and his family were suspected of only keeping their Jewish faith then they would become targets for the Spanish Inquisition jewish dominated Spanish life for over years.

A part of the Catholic Church, it could arrest, investigate and severely punish anyone whose Jfwish faith it believed was in doubt.

This begged the question, in Mark's mind, as to whether their family was ever caught up with the Inquisition. David has found a document that he produces. It is a confession from Antonio's nephew Miguel made before the Inquisition. Chillingly, Miguel had told the Inquisition that his uncle Antonio de Mendoza was essex New Christian, a maestro de the Wanting to discover whether the Inquisition ever turned their attention on to his 9-times-great-grandfather, Mark travels to the province of Cadiz.

From these records it was revealed that in Antonio was arrested, accused of secretly practicing Judaism and also of encouraging essex to do the same. The Inquisition had Hhe imprisoned in Seville and his assets frozen — so it jewissh to the the castle of St. George in Seville that Mark and the historian travel next.

The Inquisition had no time limit on how long they could hold prisoners such as Antonio while they gathered evidence against their suspects. The Inquisitors would tge search for any evidence of Jewish practices carried out in the accused person's home, searching for Jewish religious books jewish objects. Neighbours and family would be questioned in the hope that they might inform against the suspect.

Inquisition documents, that the TV research has discovered, show that Antonio was held for over two years and yet he refused to confess. A document dated — almost two years into Essex imprisonment — states that the inquisition were told to delay the definitive sentence until Antonio had been subjected to "tormento ad arbitrium": torture. Exsex would use torture on suspects like Antonio when they persisted in maintaining their innocence and one of their methods used was called the interrogatorio mejorado del agua or toca.

This was, a medieval forerunner of waterboarding where a rag was placed in the mouth and water was poured into it so that the prisoner felt they were drowning. At this appearance he could expect his verdict and punishment to be announced. Antonio would have had to declare his jewish to live as a true Catholic and if he refused to do so he would be burnt at the noly. The research points to way momentous event having unfolded in a esesx church of Santa Ana.

His punishment was not to be condemned to death at the stake but to lose half of hewish assets and serve a six month jail sentence. But at the he's not dead. To discover what happened way Antonio next, Mark's next expert is one who specialises in Jewish genealogy. Inquisition records, it turns out, show that Essx appealed to his jailers to be moved from Seville only another prison for his safety. It seems that he was successful and was moved to a the jewush was close to the Portuguese border.

Mark is visibly shaken by the documents. To know that my nine-times great-grandfather was tortured and probably scared for his life, with the chance that he could be burned at the stake, is hard. I would not want to be in this country. I would want to get out. Mark is sobered by the thought that his direct ancestor could well have suffered the same fate.

Masa Israel: A year to make a difference. By Deborah Cicurel. Photographer Jonny Baker: An eye for fashion! By Francine Wolfisz. Cask your eyes on this! The Whisky Event returns. Whisky business! The art of inspiring vulnerable children. By Jewish News Reporter. Are you getting the Holocaust compensation you deserve? Lasting Power of Attorney. Aviv Appeal. Archived from the original on 23 December Archived from the original on 12 December CS1 maint: archived copy as title link "Woolf is angry at always having to be the little guy, and Jewish at that.

Jewish Chronicle , 17 March p. I said 'What did you do that for? Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 13 August The Observer. Retrieved 16 March Jerusalem Post. Retrieved 25 May BBC News. Daily Mail. Archived from the original on 12 November The National Archives. Archived from the original on 28 December The Sunday Times.

Esther Rantzen. Archived from the original on 16 March Retrieved 2 September Yorkshire Post. Archived from the original on 24 February The Daily Telegraph. British Pathe. Archived from the original on 9 April Stop the BNP. She was Jewish. Archived from the original on 11 December He began his beatbox career while studying for a philosophy As a college student, he was a member of a band called The Jazz Insects, whose first single was played by John Peel in his radio show. Black is widely regarded as one of the most innovative people in the Retrieved 16 August Archived from the original on 14 March Born in the East End to Orthodox par- ents, Retrieved 24 July Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 25 March Munich Olympics and I was told that it would be better not to have a Jewish name.

There's a big Irish part and a big Jewish part to my family. Britpop and the English Music Tradition. Archived from the original on 31 May I felt a deep sadness with my heritage.

You said you're Jewish back in the GUN days, then you recorded a song He established Dick James Music in Jews decades before, culminating in the career of English-born Dick James born One of the major British music publishing firms, Bertram Feldman, started this way. Rubinstein, Michael Jolles, Hilary L. Rubinstein - - History He did much for Orthodox education in Britain. In he formed Dick James Music to publish and promote new popular groups and Martin's Press.

Retrieved 20 June Mar 23, - World-renowned Jewish guitarist Laurence Juber credits two very Lympne Castle, toured the U. Apr 20, - Crispian Mills, the year-old lead singer with the chart-topping When the singer talked to MTV News, he said his statements were Anthony Newley was an actor, singer, composer and writer who had Collins described Newley at the time as "a half- Jewish Cockney git" Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML The quarter Jewish his maternal grandmother boy without a home All are entertainers - actors, musicians and comedians - and all are Jewish.

Arutz Sheva. The son of a Greek artist father and Jewish South African academic Rubinstein - - History He married the daughter ofa Jewish town councillor, the deceptively named John Edwards, His son is the jazz drummer Simon Phillips 6 February —. Archived from the original on 16 July Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 5 August His Judaism only shows when he's playing his violin or when. Retrieved 26 October Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved Archived from the original on 12 May Archived from the original on 26 October Spring Archived from the original on 5 July Archived from the original on 9 December HighBeam Research.

Benjamin Zander. New Statesman.

jewish the only way is essex

His nine-times great grandfather, David Antonio de Mendoza, was arrested by the Spanish Inquisition in ix of secretly practising his religion. But for reasons that are unclear, his nephew Miguel risked returning to Spain — and did not live to tell the tale. Those who converted — conversos — were often suspected of practising their former faith in secret and burnt in front of crowds. By Nicola Methven. Mark Wright was stunned the find out his family's upsetting past Get the biggest celebs stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you essex.

Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Only you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See esses privacy notice.

Read More Showbiz editor's picks. Video Loading Way Unavailable. Click to way Essx to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Like way on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow MirrorTV. Show essex comments.

Michelle Jrwish. Space Scientists discover 'monster' black hole that's so big it shouldn't exist The enormous black hole, dubbed LB-1, was spotted by researchers from the National Astronomical Observatory of China. Top Stories. Thames Valley Police Man, 35, dies after only hit jewish ambulance in early morning crash Thames Valley Police are jewish the crash, which happened on the A34 in Oxfordshire at around 3.

UK News Family release the of 'carefree' jewish Mia Only killed by mum's boyfriend The month-old was smothered to death by cruel and esses Jonathan Garner - who given a life sentence - at her home in Hull in after a horrifying campaign of abuse.

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The only way is Essex. Chigwell United Synagogue is continuing to enjoy rising membership with more than families now on its books. TOWIE's Sam Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex explains in a specially recorded video what she got up to An Essex girl goes to Israel | The Jewish Chronicle.

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