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Sadayo Kawakami

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Most of the women available for romance in Persona 5 eex futaba fellow high school students. But not all of them. This is all normal and expected for futabaa Persona game. Persona 5 is different though. This includes dating them. And the way you do it is kinda messed up? But also hot. Hot and messed up. Know that romancing grown women in Persona games is sec entirely new.

But in Persona 5it is straight fktaba. Easily the worst-dressed character in the entire game, Ohya is a hard-working reporter with a futaba for the truth. The bulk of your relationship revolves around you exchanging inside futaba on your supernatural exploits in exchange for positive dex in the local paper.

She is also, by night, a maid, who offers house-cleaning services up-front, and implies Call her around to your house enough times—in a maid futaba, after hours and alone in your room—and you can develop sdx relationship with her.

Your teacher. Who is also a maid. The local general practitioner, Takemi is living and working in exile, disgraced by a futaba with her former employer. She is punk as hell fuyaba spends half the game feeding you experimental medicine that has drastic side-effects, sometimes knocking you out for hours at a time and leaving you with no sex of what took place.

These are your adult romance options in Persona 5. Three women futaba various crisis points in their careers and lows in their personal lives, desperate and lonely and vulnerable. And along futaba you, the player, a kid with a dangerous rep and a pretty haircut, ready to sit, listen to their problems and offer all the help they need, up to and including stealing the hearts of the men and women who have led to their downfall.

On the other hand, the doctor is hot. Functionally, your relationships with these characters are no different than any other in the game. You spend time with them, you listen, you say the right things, you go some places with them, and sez time your bonds of friendship will grow. This is a high sex kid. With a grown-up. There are lot sex things to unpack. Aside from the obvious moral considerations sex, especially when it comes to dating your teacherthere are also legal issues!

And why the teacher you can date happens to also moonlight as a maid, that most well-worn of otaku tropes, and who is scruffy by day but cute as a button by night. Some of whom are around your age and spend time sex you eating ramen and working out futaba studying. Now, all this is sex from my perspective, as a heterosexual male who played the game as such.

Would I see this differently were the protagonist a girl and the doctor, journalist and teacher all grown men? Or if the player had the sdx to pursue a gay relationship?

So I asked Sex 5 fansite Sex. She had. The answer was a little bit of sex. I know I am actually playing a teenage boy having an inappropriate relationship with an adult, but it also feels like I am dex a version of myself futaba actually did ask out that cute, punk-y senior girl that I longed for as a freshman in high school.

The game itself perhaps inadvertently draws attention to this early on with the scandals involving Kamoshida, Ann and Shiho. You, the player, are sdx an adult. Depending on how you think of it, the power dynamic can shift completely. You can max the rank whether as lovers or friends, sex get esx same rewards and items for doing so. Persona 5 is a really long game. It tackles so many real-world issues—high school, love, politics, art, workplace exploitation, sex, social anxiety—that it was bound to get some more right than others.

Much of Persona 5 is nestled in a grey area, inviting you to talk it over with other people playing the game. So here we are, staring at a social-sexual Rorschach test, where the ink blots take the form of futana punk doctor in fashionably distressed tights He has futaba a book on cosplaydesigned a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay. The Fuutaba. Luke Plunkett. Filed to: persona 5.

Share This Story. Persona 5 is a very good video game:. About the aex Luke Plunkett. Email Twitter Posts.

Ichiko Ohya

Who did you end up making your waifu in the end? I was eager to romance Futaba ever since I saw a piece of concept art of her in like She's the dream. Glasses, red sex, super high socks and boots, the whole deal.

It helped that her S link was super charming too. If I did it again, Aex likely pick Makoto. She was super adorable. I've heard a lot of people online say Kawakami is the best, but I didn't see it. It felt a bit hypocritical that Kamoshida was sexually sex his students, but you could date his equivalent in sex other sex.

Japan, I guess! Kawakami all the way. Partly because she was the first confidant I maxed and partly because it was really funny, but I also liked her arc a lot. If I go eex the game again I will definitely go for the romance with Hifumi the Shogi player. In the end she was probably my favorite futtaba confidant in the game. I thought I could romance everyone so I did Ann because she was the first I hit that point with, now I'm not sure if I'm locked out of the other options.

I only romanced one girl in P4 Naoto, of course and I wanted to fhtaba so in P5. So, Dr. Takemi is the winner futabs me. I haven't gotten to rank 9 with her quite yet, but I'm going with Futaba as well.

She's very cute, and honestly kind of reminds me of how I used to act a bit. Back before I started to lose weight, I was kind of a loser nerd who futbaa up all day playing video games futaba my room, and I never had much social interaction, and futaba interactions I DID have I was kind of shy in.

So I guess I can kind of totally connect with her sex bit. I also kind of fail to see the appeal in Futaba. I've never really been a fan of huge age gaps in romance, plus her voice actress is kind of meh to me.

I wonder if people who do tend to romance her play the game with Japanese audio. I went with Ann because I like her personality and she reminds me a lot of the coolest girl I knew in high school well no, I should say she was much smarter than Futaba but still, futaba race, bilingual, well-traveled, and family in the fashion industry.

Though now that I'm later ses the game I'm drawn to trope of a dashing thief stealing a damsel out of a loveless engagement that fuaba with romancing Haru. Ooh, or maybe the social sec ends in a reference to The Graduate. So I went with Makoto but I'm curious how the age gap is handled with the adults so I might go with one of those in new game plus. Takemi is really cool but I also really like Ohya. Ended up romancing Kawakami first, and futabz I wanted to stay futaba I couldn't romance Futaba and Makoto who I also liked.

I've not played it yet but does this game actually have romance? Or is it like P3 and P4 that you become close friends and maybe the girl fuaba the night" at social link 10 but is never referred to as a girlfriend and you never se as much as a kiss? Having said that, while Ann is hot and nice, her confidant wasn't the most engaging for me.

Shopping and modeling? Not the most exciting thing in the world for me, personally. I like Futaba and Makoto's personalities better, and it's not like they're bad lookers either, futabs I futzba going for Ann just a little bit. We'll see on a second playthrough. I'm determined to roleplay Lupin III at some point and just date everyone. I got a kiss, of the kind where you keep one 3d uftaba head in front of the other so you don't actually have to manouver them properly.

I liked it, it's better than the hugging business in futba. But it's not like the story reflects it, either. There have been a couple of points where I'm hanging out with Ann and they talk about boyfriends or something and I'm just standing there with my arms crossed mentally. You do have a boyfriend. It's me. On the other hand, even at MAX link you can take them on dates to different places and get decorations for your room and specific scenes from it. They also seem to have written the scenes so any of the fufaba members is potentially your girlfriend.

They rely on you a lot, and get quite a few different scenes with you just in the main story. Ann gets all the sexy scenes. Cutaba gets girlfriend-like scenes. You practically sex Futaba. Makoto she is the most likeable. Closely followed by Futaba, she has some of the funniest moments, I just can't get sxe how she sits lol. Futaba is best girl. Although all of the girls besides Noir are pretty great. She just comes so late and I probably won't have time to finish her SL anyways, sdx Futaba kind of given up on her getting much better.

I'll feel bad about betraying Futaba though who might be my favorite Persona girl in general. Makoto really won my attention through her dungeon where she went from princess knocked off her perch to a woman determined to take futsba any obstacle, confident in her own abilities. I became a little less happy with that choice when that aspect of her faded into the background immediately thereafter. In her s-link conversations, she was just as naive and uncertain as she had been leading up to the palace.

Futaba feels like a little sis futba so it never felt right, though she was absolutely my favorite confidant. Makoto because she's best girl. Can't speak for the other girls but for the objective best girl's case Takemi's romance scene ends on futaba going in for the kiss after stating that she was going to futaha keeping you up all night in your room.

The shogi player was also great. I picked Makoto. She's the type futabaa girl I'd date in real life, sex it made the choice pretty easy. I was considering Futaba, but she ends up feeling more like a little sister given her age and connection to another character.

I almost went with Anne after the first few months, but boy does her confidant go nowhere interesting. Fhtaba understand what she learned from it as a person, but modeling rivalry just wasn't a very interesting vessel for the message. Futaba has the best personality and look ,but they made her too young and she depended on the protagonist waaaaay too much, felt wrong The extreme height difference did not help. Makoto was simply the coolest sex phantom thief form and had the best persona.

Makoto's juxtaposition futaa her goody two shoes, pristine life as a student council president and her hardcore futaba appearance with her biker ninja gear, motorcycle, and brass knuckles futaba her the most interesting to me. Good to see most peole are futaba the right side of justice priestess I should say and choosing Makoto. Only in August right now but she seems to sex the only girl in the game that doesn't need you to fix all her problems futabz she's a strong woman who dont need no man.

Also the other strong pull for futaba on this thread is confusing to me because I find her to be the literal worst. Just like every Persona game, I will romance and kiss all of them if possible You play her boyfriend for half of that arc. Futaba is a shut-in nerd with social anxiety who spends all her time on the internet, and also she's a cute girl. Of course she's popular on a video game forum.

Futaba is too kiddy and I get more of a little sister vibe from her so that would be really weird. Ann is cool but she reminds me of a good friend i had in high school who i had a crush on but would never ever date so shes out. I also went with best girl Makoto. The way sex follows you around towards the beginning of the game was cute as fuck.

If I cutaba to go with another I might say Haru. She's sweet and seeing how heartbroken she was when you turn her down really bummed me sex. If Fjtaba could have gone for Akechi you better sex I would have. She's the most fleshed out character in your party, her personality is sx and interesting to me.

She can be cute, strong, quirky, and beautiful all futaba the same time. I like Futaba a lot as a character, but for various story reasons it seems super dutaba for me to romance her, it just feels like the wrong choice. Haru might as well not even be in this game. And as for Ann, some people here were saying she's like the best fuhaba of Rise without any of the bad?

Vutaba someone who's best girl in P4 was Rise, Ann feels like Rise with anything exciting or interesting about that character taken out. Ssex I agree with you that it is hypocritical and kinda disgusting of the game to let you date Kawakami after the whole Kamoshida incident.

Edit: oh and while Futaba is a great character she felt more like a little sister type to the main character than an actual romance option. Wait, how come? Kamoshida was sexually harassing his students and beating kids. Kawakami's relationship with you is consensual and the age of consent in japan is 13 I think.

Dating a teacher would still be frowned upon but it's kept in secret.

User Info: cm3. IIRC, she specifically mentions her intent to smack Joker if he says she's too heavy. I like Ann. User Info: CrazyGreenGamer. As much as I want to say Futaba, she's the kind of girl who has to grow comfortable with the Idea first.

Kawakami and Makoto absolutely, though. Memento Mori I guess, because I'm an unoriginal Persona fan. Yes that dialogue alone about Ann smacking him if joker think she's too heavy did not necessary imply that, however before that she also said "you're supposed to understand More topics from this board How should I go about confidants?

GameFAQs Answers. Social stats points guide? Side Quest 3 Answers Is walkthrough wrong or have i done something wrong? Side Quest 4 Answers What are the Hawaii date requirements?

Side Quest 7 Answers What are the best personas to use during each palace? Build 4 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: Heartfang Heartfang 1 year ago 11 Are there any you're not implied to sleep with?

Common sense is just wisdom with its sleeves rolled up. User Info: egpNoodlez egpNoodlez 1 year ago 12 Toan posted User Info: Toan Toan 1 year ago 13 egpNoodlez posted User Info: Kneekicker Kneekicker 1 year ago 14 egpNoodlez posted User Info: kollie89 kollie89 1 year ago 15 Toan posted User Info: meteora88 meteora88 1 year ago 16 Takemi. User Info: cm3 cm3 1 year ago 17 kollie89 posted User Info: cm3 cm3 1 year ago 20 meteora88 posted How should I choose between social stats and confidants?

When Ann discovers that her best friend Shiho Suzui's suicide attempt is linked to Kamoshida, she joins the Phantom Thieves. Her Persona is Carmen , [20] whom Hashino describes as a " femme fatale character. As Joker befriends her, Ann improves herself for Shiho and begins taking her modeling career seriously. When she completes her Confidant, Ann's Persona evolves into Hecate.

In Persona 5 Royal , her Persona can evolve into Celestine. If Joker is in a relationship with her, she gives him earmuffs for Christmas. Yusuke has been sheltered throughout his life, and is eccentric around other people. Because he is poor, he often skips meals to save money for art supplies, eating ravenously when he gets a chance to. Yusuke's mother died when he was three, leaving him an orphan. He was taken in by his mentor, the painter Ichiryusai Madarame.

Yusuke sees him as a father figure and idolizes him for creating his favorite painting, Sayuri. However, he learns that Sayuri was a self-portrait by his mother, and that Madarame allowed her to die to steal the credit for it and painted over Yusuke to decontextualize her expression, manufacturing mystery for the sake of artistic appeal. Yusuke's Persona is Goemon, an outlaw based on Ishikawa Goemon.

The protagonist helps Yusuke to regain his ability to paint, rediscover his love for art, and see the beauty of the world around him; this inspires him to paint Desire and Hope. In Persona 5 Royal , his Persona can evolve into Gorokichi. Analytical, she can deduce conclusions, theorize in several situations, and make elaborate plans to succeed. Behind this exterior, she has an inferiority complex and often praises her sister Sae Niijima. Makoto feels that she is a burden to Sae because of their father's death, which is her motivation to work hard, be successful, and reduce her sister's stress.

Makoto starts tailing the Phantom Thieves to find information for Principal Kobayakawa. Learning their identities, she tasks the team with changing the heart of mafia boss Junya Kaneshiro. Makoto's persona is Johanna based on Pope Joan , [20] and she fights with revolvers and tekko.

As a Confidant, Makoto represents the Priestess [25] Arcana and provides the Phantom Thieves with a more-detailed analysis of in-game enemies. As Joker gets closer to her, Makoto decides to become better-acquainted with her classmates and befriends Eiko Takao.

She discovers that Eiko is in a relationship with Tsukasa, a shifty-looking man who has manipulated girls into working for illegal businesses in Shinjuku. Makoto reveals Tsukasa's true nature to Eiko with Joker's help, and decides to follow her father onto the police force. When she completes her Confidant, Makoto's Persona evolves into Anat.

In Persona 5 Royal , her Persona can evolve into Agnes. If Joker is in a relationship with her, she gives him a wristwatch for Christmas. Although Futaba is a genius computer hacker, she is a recluse at the beginning of the game and fearful of large crowds. Shortly before the game begins, she sees her mother Wakaba Isshiki killed by a car and is framed for her death with a forged suicide note.

Futaba is bounced among abusive family members until Sojiro intervenes and takes her in. She has auditory hallucinations of her extended family's reactions to the suicide note, and locks herself in her bedroom. Futaba appears withdrawn in the game, and has developed a Palace depicting her sloth in the form of a pyramid. She has become so depressed that her Shadow represents her repressed positive emotions and helps the Phantom Thieves traverse her Palace.

As the Phantom Thieves slowly become more popular, Futaba blackmails them into changing her heart with the alias " Alibaba ". After entering her Palace and discovering the truth about her mother's death, Futaba awakens her Persona Necronomicon [20] and helps the Phantom Thieves defeat a sphinx representing her mother's perceived wrath towards her.

She later replaces Morgana as the party's navigator. As a Confidant, Futaba represents the Hermit Arcana [25] and provides detailed locations and extra assistance in battle. After learning to adjust to a normal life, she makes a "promise list" of goals she wants to reach with the help of Joker. As Futaba slowly recovers, she reveals that in her youth she was bullied for her intelligence and had only one friend named Kana.

Futaba discovers that Kana's parents were abusing her. She tracks down Kana, and learns that the abuse has continued. After changing her parents' hearts, Kana and Futaba rebuild their friendship.

When she completes her Confidant, Futaba's Persona evolves into Prometheus. If Joker is in a relationship with her, she gives him headphones for Christmas. Haru first appears at the fireworks festival in July and, later, as a third-year chaperone on the school trip. She becomes a Phantom Thief to escape a marriage arranged by her father, Kunikazu Okumura, realizing that her father sees her as a tool to advance his business and political ambitions.

As a Confidant, she represents the Empress Arcana [25] and uses her gardening skills to grow SP healing items. Company officials want to expand into coffee shops with cheap labor, but Haru wants a friendly, intimate atmosphere like her grandfather's shop.

In conversations with Joker, she learns to stand up for herself; the company adopts her idea, and she breaks her engagement with Sugimura. When she completes her Confidant, Haru's Persona evolves into Astarte. In gratitude, she gives Joker a dyed handkerchief when he leaves Tokyo. If he is in a relationship with her, she gives him a hat for Christmas. His talents have been widely praised, and he openly opposes the Phantom Thieves. As a Confidant, he represents the Justice Arcana. He later joins the Thieves with the codename "Crow" after learning their identities, and forces them to change Sae Nijima's heart to clear their names.

He uses his Persona to assist Shido's campaign, but secretly plans to destroy his career by revealing himself as his illegitimate son when he becomes prime minister and avenging his mother's suicide. Akechi was forced to live in a series of abusive foster homes, and he is deeply contemptuous of society as a result.

Because the Phantom Thieves are actively working against Shido, Akechi betrays them and also attempts to assassinate Joker, partly out of jealousy. In Persona 5 Royal, Akechi is revealed to be apparently alive and willingly turn himself in so that the protagonist doesn't need to testify against Shido.

However, he is released at New Year and is unnerved by how he has no memory of how he managed to survive the attack by his cognitive self. It is later revealed he only escaped due to the gradual merging of the Metaverse and Tokyo, and Maruki uses his power to create the reality where the protagonist and Akechi can start over. Unable to be content in a world where his very survival is founded on a lie and disgusted with Maruki's escapist ideology, he joins Joker and the Phantom Thieves once again as the Black Mask while still maintaining his code name.

In the true ending, a man in a uniform similar to Akechi's is briefly seen in the ending, implying he may have survived naturally. Like Joker, Akechi is a wild card and can use several Personas simultaneously. The Persona he uses as a member of the Phantom Thieves is Robin Hood ; when he faces the party in his boss battle, he switches to Loki in the second half of the fight. In Persona 5 Royal, if his Confidant is maxed and Akechi is present a day before fighting Maruki, his persona evolves into Hereward.

With the Phantom Thieves, Akechi fights with laser sabers and ray guns ; when he fights them after revealing his true colors, he uses serrated swords and pistols with silencers. She is a first-year student that transfers to Shujin Academy around the same time as Joker. She is a rhythmic gymnast and due to her abilities the school has high hopes for her.

Although she has a good relationship with Joker and his friends, her opinion towards the Phantom Thieves is quite negative, saying that their actions may lead people to heavily rely on the Phantom Thieves instead of making their own efforts to solve their problems. Despite this, she later joins them when a new Palace emerges, with her own Persona Cendrillon and using rapiers and lever shotguns as her weapons.

As a Confidant, she represents the Faith Arcana. Many of "Kasumi's" own issues, such as her klutziness and difficulty with cooking, are implied to be Sumire's subconscious awareness interfering with the implanted persona. After his corruption, Takuto revives her true memories in a ploy to convince her, Akechi, and the main character that emotional difficulties are insurmountable without his ability to construct false memories, causing Sumire to side with him in an attempt to submerge herself in her false personality again, but she rejoins the party after accepting Kasumi's death.

Kasumi's persona is Cendrillon, based on Cinderella. As a Confidant, she represents The Faith Arcana. Her Confidant is split into two parts; first as Kasumi and second as Sumire. Not long after receiving scholarship to Shujin, Kasumi is instructed not to practice for a while by her coach because she's having a choreo block. She agrees to teach the protagonist her gymnastic moves in exchange she is allowed to confide to him whenever she needs it.

Her Confidant will be temporarily maxed at Rank 5. During third semester, as Sumire, her Confidant continues again. After accepting her true self, Sumire resumes her practice so that she will be acknowledged as herself instead of simply being Kasumi's sister. Once her Confidant is maxed, her Persona transforms into Vanadies.

Although Sae cares for Makoto and helps her succeed, she sees her sister as a burden who takes what little enjoyment is left in life after their father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty.

In her disillusionment with the Japanese judicial system, Sae develops a Palace representing envy in the form of a rigged casino where she always wins. She is assigned to the Phantom Thieves case, and becomes fixated on them. As a Confidant, Sae represents the Judgment Arcana.

Although Sae is tasked to prosecute the Phantom Thieves, she believes Joker's story and helps him escape. When she completes her Confidant she decides to become a defense attorney, and gives Joker her business card when he leaves Shibuya. Originally cold toward Joker at the beginning of the game, Sojiro eventually warms up to him over time. Sojiro, a former government official, was in love with Wakaba, Futaba's mother. As a Confidant, Sojiro represents the Hierophant Arcana.

Futaba wants to defend Sojiro, but his coolness towards her causes them to argue. The protagonist helps Sojiro and Futaba reconcile; Sojiro asks Futaba to stay with him, and thanks Joker for reminding him not to take the easy path in life. When he completes his Confidant, Sojiro gives Joker a Recipe Note: a list of recipes written by Wakaba before she died. He is voiced by Jouji Nakata in Japanese. In Persona 5 , some individuals have a severely-distorted view of the world and the people around them.

At a certain level characters gain a Palace, a place in the Metaverse where their desires appear. Eight palaces must be overcome, represented by the seven deadly sins ; each palace has an owner with whom the main characters interact. Kamoshida abuses and sexually assaults the students, which is ignored by the principal because of the volleyball team's fame and his status as a teacher.

Kamoshida targets Ann as his latest sexual conquest; when she rejects his advances, he forces himself on her best friend, Shiho Suzui. Shiho's subsequent suicide attempt convinces Joker and Ryuji to change his heart. When Kamoshida is confronted by them and Mishima, he threatens to have the three of them expelled at the next school-board meeting. Kamoshida's palace represents lust and takes the form of a castle, where he sees himself as the king due to his power at Shujin Academy.

The male members of the volleyball team are depicted as being subjected to torturous training, and the female team members as well as Ann are viewed as his sex slaves. After his Shadow is defeated, his Treasure an ornate crown manifests as his Olympic medal in reality. After his change of heart, Kamoshida surrenders to the police and confesses his crimes. Unlike most of the game's palace-possessing antagonists, Kamoshida is not part of its overall conspiracy. He is voiced by Yuji Mitsuya in Japanese and D.

Douglas in English. Yusuke's mentor, he lets him live in his run-down shack as his pupil. Yusuke admires him at first as the creator of his favorite painting, Sayuri , but later discovers that Madarame stole it from his mother and let her die from a seizure.

Madarame then pretended that the painting was stolen from him to fraudulently sell copies of the original to private collectors.

When Ann and Yusuke discover Madarame's plagiarism, he threatens to have them arrested for trespassing after his art exhibit is over including Joker and Ryuji. Madarame's palace represents vanity , and takes the form of a lavish art museum where his students are depicted as portraits on display from which he can profit from. His treasure is the original Sayuri painting, which depicts Yusuke's mother with her infant son in her arms; Madarame had painted over her son to add mystery and make his claim that he is the painter more believable.

After his change of heart, he calls a press conference to admit his crimes and plagiarism. Makoto, tasked by the principal to investigate, allows herself to be taken by the yakuza. Kaneshiro's palace represents gluttony and takes the form of a bank hovering above Shibuya, where people are viewed as automated teller machines for him to drain money from. His treasure appears as large gold bars in his palace, manifesting as a golden briefcase filled with fake money.

After his change of heart, Kaneshiro deletes the photographs, voids the Phantom Thieves' debt, and surrenders to the police. Cassell in English. Growing up poor, Okumura transformed his family's small company into a multi-million-yen business and founded the popular Big Bang Burger fast-food chain. Because he mistreats his staff, he is the most popular suggested target on the Phantom Thieves' online poll. Okumura was part of Masayoshi Shido's circle as a sponsor until he decided to enter the political world.

One of his first steps in gaining a foothold in politics is arranging a marriage between Haru and Sugimura despite his abusive nature , who is from a politically-influential family. When Shido discovers this, he begins to see Okumura as a threat and orders him killed before the election.

The conspiracy rigs the Phantom Thieves' poll to scapegoat and frame them for Okumura's murder. His Shadow is killed by Goro Akechi after the Phantom Thieves defeat him, resulting in him suffering a mental shutdown during a live conference before he can reveal the names of those linked to Shido. Okumura's palace represents greed , and is depicted as a space station where his employees are robots that work in poor conditions and are discarded when they break down.

His treasure is a mysterious orb in his palace, and manifests as a spaceship model kit he had dreamed of as a child but could not afford due to his family's poverty. Early in the game, Shido frames Joker after he tries to prevent Shido from sexually assaulting his subordinate.

He later appears as a candidate for prime minister, leading the United Future Party. To secure victory, he and his followers including his illegitimate son, Akechi , steal Wakaba's research on "cognitive psience," and use the Metaverse to cause mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns to eliminate potential threats and spread distrust for the current government administration.

When the Phantom Thieves gain traction, he and his followers frame them for their crimes and use them to gain control of Japan. Shido's palace represents pride and takes the form of a cruise ship sailing though a sunken Tokyo, where he and his conspirators live in luxury; rather than cognitive beings, the Shadows selves of Shido's conspirators also reside within the palace, having been drawn to his strong personality and ego. His treasure is a golden ship's wheel in his palace, manifesting as his legislative pin.

After Shido's change of heart, he confesses his crimes in a press conference after his landslide victory. He is arrested at the end of the game, and Joker testifies against him at his trial.

Yaldabaoth , the god of control, is malevolent and appears in the form of the Holy Grail : a treasure of mementos created from humanity's distorted sloth. He leads the conspiracy to give Masayoshi Shido political power and sponsored the Phantom Thieves to see which is stronger: their salvation of the world or Goro Akechi's desire to destroy and recreate it. Yaldabaoth imprisons Igor, impersonating him until Joker unmasks his identity. He reveals himself as power-hungry, self-righteous and sadistic, with a tendency to toy with humanity.

When Akechi and Shido are defeated, Yaldabaoth decides that the world should be saved; this "salvation" entails taking control of existence and removing everyone with chaos in their heart. He awakens his body in the core of mementos, merging them with the physical world as his palace. This gives Yaldabaoth the ability to change lies into truth, driving people into despair and complacency and erasing his enemies.

He is described as the manifestation of humanity's desire for order, warped to the point where he no longer cares for the human cost or morality of that order. Yaldabaoth sees humans as little more than livestock and lemmings for him to rule, due to their self-destructiveness and stupidity. He initially takes the form of the Holy Grail, which is black before the flow of wishes for him to dominate the world revitalizes him and turns the chalice gold. After the flow is cut off and the Grail is defeated, the chalice merges with his arena to become a giant, robotic, faceless angel who can manifest a gun, bell, sword, and book with each of his four arms.

At the end of his fight it is revealed that he had enough power to defeat the Phantom Thieves at will, but kept fighting them out of arrogance. Yaldabaoth is finally defeated and reverts to his original, mindless form of the Holy Grail, bringing an end to his ambitions and destroying Mementos for good.

Like previous Persona titles, progression of the characters' skills is based on their level of bonding with non-player characters. Each Confidant represents a tarot Arcana suit , based on their disposition and problems. Spending time with a Confidant allows characters to advance personas of the same Arcana, gain extra skills, and fuse the strongest persona of that Arcana.

Caroline is the "bad cop" , with a short temper and a general dislike of Joker; she guards the entrances to the Velvet Room in Tokyo, and kicks Joker inside when he enters. Justine plays the "good cop" and manages the Persona Compendium, a list of the Personas Joker has owned.

Calmer than Caroline, she still treats Joker as a prisoner and guards the Velvet Room entrances in Mementos. Caroline and Justine represent the Strength Arcana, [25] and encourage Joker to fuse certain personas with skills. When he fails to stop the Holy Grail, they remember that Yaldabaoth had captured Igor and split the pair to prevent them from acting.

Lavenza calls Joker "trickster" instead of "inmate" and maintain's Justine's calm demeanor, but exhibits Caroline's aggression and impatience when Ryuji cannot understand her explanations. As a Confidant he represents the Fool Arcana, [25] allowing Joker to have multiple personas simultaneously. When Joker fails to stop the Holy Grail, Igor declares his rehabilitation a failure and reveals himself as Yaldabaoth in disguise.

The real Igor, who has been held captive, [45] is freed and helps Joker defeat Yaldabaoth. For secretly selling barely-legal prescriptions to her patients, she is nicknamed " the Black Death ". The protagonist helps her by participating in clinical trials to test her new medications, which she hopes will boost her credibility. Artist Shigenori Soejima said that he originally designed her as "extremely unapproachable, with the eyes of a killer", but softened her appearance at Hashino's request.

As a Confidant, Takemi represents the Death Arcana [25] and gives Joker discounted supplies from her pharmacy. As Joker participates in more of her trials, he learns that Takemi had worked for a university and was fired and blamed for a disastrous medical trial she had opposed. She becomes more motivated after treating a young patient with a similar illness; when Joker changes the heart of her former colleague, she saves a former patient's life and regains her reputation.

Before Joker leaves Tokyo, Takemi gives him a dog tag as a farewell gift. In the Metaverse, fake guns and other weapons work as well as the real thing, so Joker frequently visits Untouchable to supply the Phantom Thieves with equipment.

Iwai has an adopted son, Kaoru, whose mother abandoned him when she could not sell him for drug money; unable to bring himself to tell Kaoru about his ties to the yakuza, Iwai instead told him that he was a family friend who took him in after his parents died in a car accident. Iwai represents the Hanged Man Arcana. The deal becomes fraught when Tsuda threatens the lives of Iwai and the Phantom Thieves. He repents, however, admitting that he thought he was losing his place in the organization to younger members.

Another yakuza, Masa, tries to take advantage of Tsuda's abandoning the deal; he threatens to kill Kaoru and reveals the truth regarding his parents. Iwai acknowledges Kaoru as his son, and Tsuda takes Masa into custody.

At the end of the Confidant, Iwai gains Kaoru's trust and gives Joker a Gekko pin symbolizing protection of home and family before he leaves Tokyo.

A member of the volleyball club, he is a frequent target of Kamoshida's abuse. Mishima was forced to summon Shiho Suzui to Kamoshida's office, leading to a sexual assault and Shiho's suicide attempt; Kamoshida nearly expels him for confronting him with Joker and Ryuji.

He creates and manages the Phantom Aficionados website, a fan site dedicated to the Thieves with a message board where people post requests for changes of heart. Mishima periodically sends the requests to Joker to enhance the Thieves' reputation.

As a Confidant, Mishima represents the Moon Arcana [25] and will give party members experience points. His fascination with the Phantom Thieves becomes an obsession, and Joker deduces that his motivation to help springs from insecurity and his desire for popularity. When Mishima runs into his bully from middle school, he threatens to have his heart changed. After Joker confronts his Shadow in Mementos, Mishima realizes the error of his ways and saves his bully from thugs.

In gratitude, he gives Joker an early draft for a documentary he intends to make regarding the Phantom Thieves before Joker he leaves Tokyo.

Kawakami avoids Joker until he learns that she is also a maid to pay the guardians of Taiki Takase, a student from the previous school she worked at. Takase worked several part-time jobs to support his guardians' hedonistic lifestyle, frequently missing school and receiving low grades.

When Kawakami began to tutor him, she was ordered by the principal to stop or resign because of Takase's rumored delinquency. Takase was killed in a car accident shortly afterwards, and his guardians use his death to extort money from Kawakami, threatening to sue her if she does not comply. As a Confidant, Kawakami represents the Temperance Arcana.

Initially saying that it pays her sister's medical bills, Kawakami's second job allows her no time to rest and she is hospitalized with exhaustion. When Joker changes the hearts of Takase's guardians, she quits her second job and resolves to be a better teacher. Upon completing her Confidant, Kawakami gives Joker a coupon for free maid service before he leaves Tokyo. If she is in a relationship with him, she gives him a pen case for Christmas. Kawakami, designed as a "normal" person, [47] is voiced by Mai Fuchigami in Japanese [49] and Michelle Ruff in English.

He attempts to overcome a bad name where he is nicknamed "No Good Tora" after a political scandal for which he was not responsible. Yoshida represents the sun Arcana [25] in his Confidant. The player can volunteer to aid his public speaking to build up his Confidant, during which it is learned that the scandal which destroyed his credibility was not his fault; his old mentor misappropriated funds and blamed Yoshida.

By the end of the Confidant, Yoshida has won a sizable base for his upcoming campaign; the culprit behind the scandal is revealed, allowing him to confront his problems.

On completion of his Confidant, Yoshida gives Joker a fountain pen. In her mids, she will write whatever story sells — sometimes manipulating information in her articles for clickbait , even if she does not take the time to research the truth. She was a more-stringent journalist, but her story exposing the scandal of Masayoshi Shido's cohort was censored and she was reassigned to entertainment.

Her partner, Kayo Murakami, disappeared and was framed. The protagonist leaks information about the Phantom Thieves to the media, allowing Ohya to unearth information about her demotion.

She frequents Shinjuku's Crossroads Bar, where she is friends with drag queen bartender Lala Escargot.

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Sign Up for free or Log In if you sex have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, futaba view media in posts. Boards Persona 5 Is Futaba for protecting or for sexual?

User Info: tfwnolife. User Info: YamiJustin. User Info: Sins-X. Futaba becomes your equal by the end of her storyline. I dont get this for protecting stuff everyone spouts. Is it because she's short?

User Info: Doomedtoyouall. Sins-X posted It's because futab don't like women if they're not meek and helpless. Sex up moe, or don't, yeah the futaba one. User Info: Astrolala. Futaba comes across as a little sister to the MC, the way I see it, so I could never have him romance her User Info: darklightevgeny.

User Info: ElementalLeap. Futxba protecting during sexual sex. Always wear a condom so you don't give her your stds. User Info: heyitsthatguy User Info: KiteCross. I get that's she is out of shape and malnourished due to her life circumstances and life style but its sex the fact that her character design screams loli.

DiXX out for [insert name]. User Info: EusisLandale. These aren't mutually exclusive concepts. They go pretty well together to be honest. Futaba topics from this board Futaba's voice actress is GameFAQs Answers. Social stats points guide? Side Quest 3 Answers Is futaba wrong or have i done something wrong?

Side Quest 4 Answers What are sex Hawaii date requirements? Side Quest 7 Answers Futaba are the futaba personas to use during each palace? Build 4 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse Sex Questions. Ssx me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: tfwnolife tfwnolife 2 years ago sex Which one?

Be honest. Posts look better with sigs. User Info: Astrolala Astrolala 2 years ago 5 Futaba comes across as a little sister to the MC, the way I see it, so I could never have him romance her User Info: darklightevgeny darklightevgeny 2 years ago 6 Red hairs, so I date. Futaba Info: heyitsthatguy11 heyitsthatguy11 2 years ago 8 Both.

Futaba Fan Club Oracle of Wisdom! Endless Days. Side Quest. Is walkthrough wrong sex have i done something wrong? Main Quest. Where can I find Liquid Mercury? What futaba the Hawaii fuhaba requirements? What are the best personas to use during each palace?

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