Apr 11

Thinking BIG

Give yourself the opportunity to “think big”. All success stories start with thinking big.

This is because, with a big dream, you are forcing yourself to be more creative and innovative in order to achieve something beyond your expectations.

If you have a shop, think about how you can build additional stores (franchise). If you are successful in your state, think about how you can increase the success in the eyes of the country (around Malaysia). If you are successful in Malaysia, think about how you can be successful at the international level. If your income is RM1, 000, think about how you can earn RM10, 000. If your income RM10, 000, think about how to obtain RM100, 000! ??
According to history, the more success starts with one’s ability “think big”. Proverbial mat salleh says:

Shoot for the stars, if you do not get it, you still get the moon!

(Seeks to reach the stars. If you are inaccessible, you still reach the moon)

Means to give you more freedom to think something bigger and better than your comfort zone. If something great is not reached, you are still achieve something to be proud. ??

ps: With BIG thinking led me wherever I am now. Similarly, the success stories we have discussed previously.