Apr 11

Brochure or pamphlet writing techniques

Advertise through brochures and pamphlets often seen as ineffective, as if we ourselves may receive brochures or pamphlets, we will continue to remove it to the trash!

This time, here a tip on how to encourage recipients to continue to read your brochure.

Shape your brochure in question and answer format. Give the question, and then, give the answer to the question.

Psychologists say that by giving questions, automatically (subconsciously), readers will be more likely to continue reading to find the answer. Questions such as:

You have severe acne problem? Read more to find out how easy treatment …
How can we help you?
What are the benefits of this treatment for you?
Where is our location?
What is the price of this treatment?

… And beyond!

And if you have an Internet business, you can use these tips to encourage more visitors to read what you want to say-and convert them into buyers!